10 Interior Trends I’m Loving


10 Interior Trends I’m Loving

All white

I am increasingly drawn to all white interiors. Often they use different materials to add contrast but as white works perfectly with light and I crave light more than before this is my ideal wall colour at the very least.


For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to Scandinavian style. And no, I don’t necessarily mean in that globally famous furniture store way. I love the simplicity and aesthetic of Scandinavian style that prioritises design aspects at the forefront of what they do.

Formal dining rooms

I dream of the day when we have a large enough home to have a dedicated dining room. Maybe it’s terribly old fashioned of me but I love entertaining and the idea of a formal dining room with a large table and beautifully styled places settings is exciting.

Quirky bathrooms

I have always loved a well-designed bathroom. After all, who doesn’t want to feel luxurious in a place of pamper?! I’m enjoying the trend for quirky bathrooms that include fun prints, interesting fittings and maybe a cute pop of colour here and there.

Tech-free living rooms

For the longest time I haven’t really owned a TV. It’s something that I think is rather ugly in a living room and takes away the social aspect of arranging furniture when all is focused on the black box in the corner or on the wall. I’d prefer a living room without tech that is more of a sanctuary and a place for socialising.

Matte fittings

Try as might to resist it but there is something rather smart about matte interior fittings. They offer an interesting texture to a room in a world full of gloss and wood.

Luxe walls

If I’m not going for pure white walls then I want to see something high luxe such as this stunning gold foil marbled wallpaper. Stunning.

Layered greys

Grey is such a classy versatile colour. It can add warmth and coolness to a room. Looks fabulous layered through shades and textures. It’s non-offensive and timeless. Love it. And as such a lot of my new home has grey as a featured theme running throughout.

Oversized prints

So much of my heart is still with mismatched and gallery walls. Yet here I am eyeing up oversized prints to take their place with something that adds impact to a room.

Gold, gold, gold

Like grey, gold is timeless and spans a spectrum of possibilities. I never quite got into the copper or rose gold thing, but I do feel gold will always be a perfect accent colour.

Geometric tiles

Finally, I think we are seeing an expansion from the subway tiles craze as we see this trend for geometric tiles. It’s cool, it’s contemporary and it’s darn interesting.


What interior trends are you loving at the minute?

  1. I agree with you about scandi-style, it has a warmth to it that just seems to draw me in. This is my idea of the dream bedroom …

  2. I will be undertaking a massive renovation project in my house soon and I am constantly looking for ideas. I love most of the ideas you shared in this article but that dining table. Oh my, love it! I have been looking around for a similar one, but they are all too big for my future little dining room.
    Thanks for sharing the ideas :).

  3. Great post Elizabeth, I really enjoyed reading this. I also LOVE the hanging Jam Jar lights above the formal dining table. And also, the matte coloured fittings, I think these work really well with most rooms and other colours. Thanks for the inspiration!


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