10 Things I Want To Do This Autumn

Every year at this time I get inexplicably excited. September is the start of Autumn and the start of my favourite season. I think it’s a firm favourite for many with it’s fiery warm colours, the cosy inviting evenings and the final descent to winter and the joyous festive season that comes with it. To me the season begins with the back-to-school excitement of the new academic year (a feeling that still has yet to escape me). September is a time for new stationery and to me it feels like a time for a fresh start, just like our official new year. With October the leaves are turning and falling and it’s a time for scarves, boots and long walks along crunchy-leaved covered forests. Finally November brings the full-on chill, the fireworks, the marshmallows, the hot chocolate and the knowing feeling that December is very very close indeed.


To make the most of Autumn this year I have made myself a list of ten things I want to do this season to really revel in Autumn-ness.

  1. forage for seasonal fruits such as sloes, rosehips, crab apples, elderberries and blackberries
  2. make sloe gin!
  3. take a long autumn walk with my loved one
  4. take lots of autumn inspired photographs, especially of nature and light
  5. buy myself a decent handbag, preferably in autumnal tones
  6. make boozy hot chocolate
  7. toast marshmallows on an open fire
  8. make an autumn-inspired display on my mantelpiece
  9. light lots of candles and have an indoor picnic
  10. bake a pie

What are your favourite Autumn activities? This is a list that can totally be expanded.


Photo credit: Amy V. Miller