10 Things Missing From Your About Page

I spend A LOT of time reading blogs. It’s part passion of mine to be immersed in the blogosphere, and part obsession with checking out what other people are up to.

And the number one page I am guaranteed to look at the first time I visit a new (to me) blog? The ABOUT page.

Despite being one of the most visited and useful pages on a blog, it is often one of the most neglected. Most of us whip up our About page the day we start a blog, or perhaps when we go through a re-design, and then it promptly gets forgotten about for another year (or horror of horrors, YEARS!).

I am totally guilty to spending hours of time crafting an About page I was proud of, then forgetting to keep it updated when I made changes to my circumstances, location, life, taste, content, etc.

This is such an easy thing to overlook, or not prioritise. Yet, there is so much value to be had in our about pages.

So this is a post dedicated to myself. It’s to give myself the kick up the butt to sort it out, and maybe if you’re a blogger or website owner you might want to join in too.

10 Things Missing From Your About Page Blogging Tips

10 Things Missing From Your About Page

1. The basics

I want to know your name, your location, approx. age perhaps, what you do for a living. Any of those basic demographic tidbits that will help me to start drawing up a picture in mind of what you are about.

2. Likes and dislikes

Tell me what gets you excited, where your passions lie, what are the simple things you enjoy. Likewise, what grosses you out, pet peeves or things that make you yak. Those likes and dislikes are a chance for me to find something about you that I can relate to. Also super-useful for brands and businesses so they can pitch the most relevant things to you.

3. Your face

I want to know what you look like. Human beings are visual creatures, we respond well to faces. I like seeing photos of the person or people behind a blog.

4. What do you stand for

I would like to know why you are blogging, what you want to share and what you stand for. What can I expect from your blog?

5. What to expect

Ideally I’d like it spelled out to me exactly what to expect on your blog including the key topics, categories and features.

6. Back story

It would be nice to know a little bit about your history, where you come from, how or why you started blogging, when you started.

7. Tone it

This is your chance to set the tone for your blog. Use the strongest language you can muster to convey the tone of both you as a blogger and the content of your blog.

8. Opportunity to contact

This is a good place to either link to your contact page or include contact details. After reading your ‘About’ page some readers will want other ways to either stay in touch via social media or email list or they might want to pop you an email.

9. Share your accomplishments

Let us know where you’ve been featured, any awards you’ve won, any successes you are super proud of.

10. Link it

Perhaps pop in a few links to your top posts, categories or features on your blog. If your blog has been going for a while now, you might have something super-awesome-rad in the archives that your new readers might LOVE to see.

 What do you like to read on ABOUT pages? Do you have any favourite examples?