10 Things To Do This Summer

I love making lists. And I especially love making lists about future plans and activities. As I made lists for things to do in the Autumn and Spring, plus my Christmas Activities Advent Calendar it only seemed right to make a list of things to do this Summer. And as we are halfway through I am pleased to say that I have managed a few of these already. Hoorah! Sunshine totally helps.

  1. picnic in the sun
  2. make margaritas
  3. go to the seaside
  4. take a scenic bike ride
  5. swim
  6. spend an afternoon in a pub garden
  7. have a barbecue
  8. watch a sunset and enjoy the peace
  9. visit an English Heritage site
  10. go camping in the countryside

So far I have managed a picnic, a barbecue and camping. But I clearly need to get my summer on. How have I not managed to make margaritas yet. Jeez…

What are your favourite Summertime activities?