10 Tips for Selling on Ebay

I have been on a big declutter mission for the past 4 months or so. I am enjoying editing and reducing the amount of STUFF that I own and this clear-out not only gives me much needed extra space but has also helped me really pin down what I need. As part of this declutter mission I have been selling quite a lot of my belongings on ebay. It has had varying degrees of success. Sometimes I’ve made a good sale and a much-loved item has found a new home. Other times I’ve barely covered the costs of listing and posting the darn item. It turns out there is a little bit of skill to selling on ebay. So here are my tips for selling on ebay. Hopefully you might find something useful out of my lessons learned.

10 Tips for Selling on Ebay

1. Big, clear and bright photographs 

The best sales are made when your item is listed with good, clear photos. Ideally the item should be displayed on a plain background without distractions. If you have a plain wall for hanging your clothes on this will be much more appealing than a dress scrunched up on your shabby duvet cover. If you can, sharpen up the image to help the image ‘pop’ on ebay.

2 . Detailed, honest description

Spend a bit of time describing the item in detail including an honest description of any faults or flaws. Even if the condition isn’t perfect, you are more likely to make a sale if you point out this out. Sometimes it is hard to get a good idea about an item from the photograph so describe fit, dimensions, colours and flaws. The more detail the better!

3. Descriptive title

Have a descriptive title including the colour, shape, size, era, manufacturer or anything else that is notable. This is a good SEO practice and will help potential buyers find your product when they are browsing ebay.

4. Start your auction low

Everybody wants to make a gazillion pounds on ebay and some might think that starting an auction near their ideal selling price point will help that happen. But ebay research has found that auctions that start low at 99p are more likely to make a higher sale. It’s all in the buying psychology!

5. Link to your other listings in the description box

There is a snazzy little little button in the description box that allows you to link to your other listings. Keep people interested in your sales! It’s a very useful little promo tool that costs nothing and will help drive potential buyers to your other listings.

6. Try alternative postal services for bulky items

Royal Mail bumped their prices up this year to a really rather astronomical rate that could see you paying around 10 quid just to post a pair of shoes. Eeeek! If you are selling bulky items it is worth investigating other postal services. There are some great options out there. I have used Collect+ and found them great so far. It’s around £5 to post a box and you just print off the postage label and drop it off at your local Collect+ store, which is normally a newsagents. It’s much more affordable than Royal Mail.

7. Use the ebay mobile app

The ebay app is very user-friendly. I take all of my product photos on my iphone, I edit them with Afterlight (adjusting brightness and sharpness if necessary) and then upload them to ebay via the ebay app. I normally draft all of my items in the app and publish at once.

8. Communicate!

Sometimes life stuff happens and you’re running late on getting items posted out. Keep your buyers up to date and just be honest. It only takes a few minutes to pop your buyers a quick message.

9. List several items at a time

I like to sell my stuff in batches. I normally list around 10 items at a time by drafting them in the ebay app and then publishing them a few minutes apart. This works nicely for when you need to do a big post office run. It also helps if you want buyers to bid on more than one of your items. Offer to combine postage for multiple items.

10. List on a Sunday evening

Sunday evenings are prime time for ebay. Everybody is chilling out, watching Songs of Praise and bidding on STUFF on ebay. So make use of this high traffic time and get your items ending on a Sunday evening. You can do this by listing on a Sunday evening on a 7 day auction, or you can list on a Thursday evening on a 10 day listing.

Hope that helps!

(psst… I am currently selling my beloved Nikon DSLR and my old laptop on ebay if you’re interested.)


P.S. ebay has gone all ‘pinterest’ recently. have you seen it yet? the homepage is a full stream of suggested products based on your purchase or search history, and it looks very much like pinterest.


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  1. Ooh, I haven’t heard about Collect! High postage costs have put me off eBay previously, but if there are affordable postage options then I might give it a go again! Need to save up for a new camera… (Yours looks lovely, but I haven’t started saving yet!)

  2. Great points! Communication is something that more eBay sellers should work on. While some customers are just too hard to please, you have to understand that you want that positive feedback and repeat business communication is key!

    Awesome post!

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