100 Blog Post Ideas

I have created an epic list of 100 blog post ideas and prompts designed to help inspire you to write your next blog post.

If you have been following my previous blogging tips on how to create a content strategy, how to create an editorial calendar, how to brand your blog, and how to define your blog’s core purpose, you should be well on your way to refining and focusing the content you produce for your blog.

I created this list of blog post ideas and prompts because even the best bloggers need some inspiration now and then.

Bloggers are incredible.They write and create on a regular basis, providing entertaining, inspiring and educational content. They freely give their insights and knowledge to so many people.

But as bloggers, like many creative folk, we sometimes get into a bit of a blog rut. Our ideas run dry, we feel uninspired, the right words don’t come or we are just not in the mood for creating something new.

For some of us, this can be a cause for panic, especially when you’ve committed yourself to producing content on a regular basis. Sometimes it can just be a real downer when you want to blog but just can’t find the inspiration.


I worked super hard to put together this epic list in the hope it inspires your next blog post and future editorial planning.

Sometimes it helps to try new topics or formats. Other times it helps just to have a different starting point. This list offers prompts and ideas for you to take to your blog and interpret in your own unique way.

This list is designed to be an inspirational resource for you to dip into when you need new ideas and prompts for your blog.

There are 100 prompts to choose from, so hopefully you will find something to pique your interest and create a fresh new blog post.

The blog post ideas and prompts are divided into sections that differ in approach. Some may work for you better than others depending on how you work best creatively, as well as your particular blogging niche.

Some prompts are recommended formats, others are broader themes and some are specific topics. Pick and choose to suit your style. Or, if you’re in a particular blog rut, try something totally different to your usual schtick, you might find that an opposite approach stokes your creative spark.

My intention is to ignite your creativity in as many different ways as possible. Coupled with your expertise in your niche these prompts should help you find new ways to approach your chosen themes.

blog post ideas


Think About Format

1. How-To’s / Tutorials

2. Interviews

3. Reviews

4. Round-ups

5. Commentary / Opinion

6. Lists (my epic lists here)

7. Announcements / Latest news

8. Infographic

9. Slideshare /Prezi / Presentation

10. Contest / Competition

11. Giveaway (different to above)

12. Host a linkup

13. Host a guest post

14. Photo diary

15. Video

16. Record a podcast

17. Day in the life

18. Create a regular series

19. A guide to where you live/work/holiday

20. Compare and contrast two or more similar products/services/places

21. Gift ideas / shopping guide

22. Profile companies

23. Profile peers

24. Rant 

25. Write a guest post for somebody else

26. Collaborate with peers

What Do Your Readers Want?

27. Answer a question from a reader (maybe they asked in a comment or tweet?)

28. Respond to feedback or criticism

29. Expand on each of your FAQ questions (you could write a blog post per question)

30. Actually ask readers what they want to see (run a survey, ask on social media)

31. Use analytics to find your most popular post of all time and write a follow up

Jumping Off Points

32. Lessons learned from a mistake

33. Something you learned from a book/tv show/film/play/piece of art

34. Use a press release to inspire you

35. Look up inspiring quotes

36. Think about seasonal or holiday approaches to content

37. Use a twitter hashtag or conversation as a starting point

38. Set up Google Alerts for your niche

39. Response to TV show

40. Get inspired by social news stories (Reddit or Digg)

41. Refer to another post and article by somebody else and give your opinion

Reuse, Recycle

42. Repurpose old content – can you turn a newsletter, video or podcast into a post?

43. Recap a twitter chat

44. List popular blog posts – of the year or a category

Sharing is Caring

45. Special project you’re working on at home

46. Project at work

47. Profile client, business or peer

48. Conduct a case study

49. Announce an award you have won

50. Share emotional insights, get personal

51. Share a secret

52. Reveal a flaw

53. New skills (what have you learned recently?)

54. Share a recipe

55. DIY or craft tutorial

56. Goal list – where you want to be in the future

57. List of things your readers don’t know about you

58. Share your bad/questionable habits

Get Creative

59. Tell a funny story

60. Write a fictional short story

61. Share a poem 

62. Tongue-in-cheek or funny post

63. Controversial post

64. What don’t you know? – use blogging as an excuse to research and chart your progress

65. Give readers a freebie – ebook, infographic, cheat sheet

66. Tour of your space – work or home

67. Create a piece of art and share it

68. Share your manifesto for life/your niche

69. The internet loves GIFS!

70. Be optimistic about bad news

71. Freewriting what’s on your mind

Events and Activities

72. Upcoming events

73. Recap event, conference, workshop you attended

74. Obscure holidays 

75. Start a month-long project and invite readers to join

Be Helpful and Informative

76. Predictions for the year to come within your niche

77. Comment on any previous predictions

78. Demystify popular opinions and beliefs 

79. Best tools and resources in your niche

80. Share your secret strategies for success in life or your niche

81. How to do something faster or better (think life hacks)

82. Use analogies to share ideas or teach something

83. Research the history of something related to your niche

84. How NOT to do something

85 How to avoid mistakes in your niche

86. Break some news

87. Conduct a survey of your readers and share the result

Specific Topics

88. An open letter to your 13/16/21 year-old self

89. The most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done

90. Fantasy dinner party

91. Pets – the internet loves pets

92. An ode to something or someone you love

93. Your bucket list

94. Reverse bucket list – awesome stuff you’ve already done

95. Photo study of objects in your life

96. Write about a cause / raise awareness

97. What would you do if you won the lottery

98. How to shop for something

99. Favourite or recent travel stories

100. How you would react in a hypothetical situation

Phew! That is 100 blog post ideas and prompts for you.

I hope that list helps you on your blogging journey! Let me know if you use any of the blog post ideas or prompts. I’d love to see what you come up with.

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100 Blog Post Ideas and Prompts List



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  1. That’s a great list. I would prioritise the question-related ones because blog posts that answer questions seem to be what search engines love to prioritise. Knowing what people are asking for on search engines is a good start for finding how to phrase your headline and structure your article.

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