100 Things To Do This Easter

It’s time for another 100 list! I love making these epic lists and as it’s Easter, it’s another reason to celebrate.

I will mostly be eating ALL of the chocolate eggs, but I also use this long weekend to do some journalling, reflecting, and planning for the coming season. Plus, if I can get a family roast dinner in there I will be pleased. And I’m hoping the rain will hold off at some point of the next week so I can go for an outing somewhere scenic.

100 things to do this easter spring time

100 Things To Do This Easter

  1. Arrange an Easter egg hunt
  2. Or visit an organised Easter egg hunt
  3. Or make an Easter bunny trail
  4. Make an Easter egg hunt checklist
  5. Organise a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt
  6. Cook roast dinner (my slow-cooked lamb is amazing)
  7. Buy an Easter wreath (or this one is cute)
  8. Spring clean your house
  9. Declutter your garage or shed
  10. Donate unwanted clothes to charity
  11. Do an online declutter
  12. Take a digital detox
  13. Make an Easter bonnet
  14. Decorate your house with daffodils
  15. Decorate your house with Easter-themed bits and bobs
  16. Host a themed brunch
  17. Make a floral backdrop for your home
  18. Go to an Easter church service
  19. Read about the Easter story
  20. Watch The Passion of Jesus for free in Trafalgar Squareeaster things to do
  21. Learn about other culture’s Easter traditions
  22. Snuggle up for a pyjamas and movie day
  23. Do a spring themed photoshoot with your family
  24. Make a creme egg cake 
  25. Or a creme egg cheesecake
  26. Or even creme egg fudge
  27. Celebrate the pagan festival of spring and fertility
  28. Buy a new floral dress or this cute lemon dress
  29. Bake hot cross buns
  30. Or maybe make a hot cross bun casserole
  31. Buy a spring diffuser
  32. Make cute bunny nose masks
  33. Make Easter chick handprint cards
  34. Fold a bunny napkin
  35. Make Easter fruit kabobs
  36. Create a beautiful Easter themed table display
  37. Make tear and share hot cross buns
  38. Make creme egg milkshakes
  39. Start a gratitude journal
  40. Take time to reflect on the first quarter of this yeareaster
  41. Create an epic floral arrangement
  42. Crochet some chicks in eggs
  43. Decorate your mantelpiece
  44. Eat ALL the chocolate
  45. Send handwritten cards to your loved ones
  46. Have a pamper day
  47. Or visit your favourite spa
  48. Host a family games tournament
  49. Buy some bulbs for the garden
  50. Visit your relatives
  51. Go to Springfest at Alexandra Palace
  52. Make a spring-themed playlist on Spotify
  53. Make DIY dyed eggs with natural colour
  54. Play a prank on April Fool’s Day
  55. Enter a pickled egg eating competition
  56. Visit a floating market
  57. Take a wander around a car boot sale
  58. Visit an Easter fair
  59. Pick up some new plants at your local garden centre
  60. Buy a new notebook for the new seasonhow to celebrate easter
  61. Visit a new museum
  62. Marvel at art at your local gallery
  63. Make painted Easter eggs
  64. Support a local independent business
  65. Visit an English Heritage site
  66. Visit a National Trust site
  67. Forage in your local woodland
  68. Take a mindfulness retreat
  69. Go stay in a castle in England
  70. Have a picnic (possibly in the car if it rains!)
  71. Watch some live chocolate sculpting
  72. Attend a Caribbean cookout
  73. Go on a blossom walk
  74. Make a seasonal meal
  75. Make an Easter chick wreath
  76. Bake a simnel cake
  77. Host an Easter Monday buffet
  78. Make an Easter egg tree
  79. Try hot cross bun gin
  80. Visit a local farmWHAT TO DO THIS EASTER
  81. Donate to charity instead of giving gifts
  82. Make pom-pom bunny bunting
  83. Make a plan to enjoy spring over the next few months
  84. Take a roadtrip somewhere new
  85. Buy a new spring scent
  86. Upgrade your living room with new cushions
  87. Hit up the spring sales
  88. Take a bike ride
  89. Build a blanket fort
  90. Find bluebells in the woodland
  91. Go on an adventure day out
  92. See the puffins on Skomer Island
  93. Host an afternoon tea with cake
  94. Make boiled eggs for breakfast
  95. Buy the cook in the family a new seasonal apron
  96. Spend some time printing out family photos for an album
  97. Try a vegan chocolate easter egg
  98. Be brave and have an early spring barbecue
  99. Do some journalling to release winter and look forward to spring
  100. Reconnect with an old friend

What is your favourite thing to do at Easter?

100 things to do this Easter


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  1. This is a great list, I really like how it’s a mix of Easter-themed stuff and also just some lovely ways to while away a long weekend.

    I’m currently doing a bit of online decluttering (#11) fixing some broken links before heading off to the theatre. My plan for tomorrow is to go for a cycle (#88), hopefully to a National Trust place (#66) if my legs will take me that far. Then on Sunday I’m having a movie day (#22) although it won’t be in my PJs as I’ll be at the cinema and it gives me a chance to have a bit of a time away from phones and the internet (#12). And if I get bored, there’s lots of other great suggestions on this list for me to try too. 🙂

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