11 Kind Things I Do For Myself Every Day (Self-Care in Action)

This is self-care and gratitude practices rolled into one. I have shared a lot about self-care in the past and made it clear how important I think it is for overall health and wellbeing. Today I want to share 11 simple actions I take every day to be kind to myself. This is self-care in action.

Kind Things

11 Kind Things I Do For Myself Every Day

1. My morning coffee

Without doubt this small routine of making myself coffee every day is one of the best ways to start the day. It’s not just the delicious caffeine hit that I enjoy (although very much appreciated), but it’s that act of taking the time to do something that bring me joy first thing in the moment. It’s simple, but deeply satisfying.

2. Cleansing with a hot cloth

Twice a day I use a cleanser with a hot flannel to wash my face. And just like the coffee that moment of taking the time to care for my face brings me joy and feels like I’m taking time to be kind to myself, and my skin. I currently love the following cleansers: Oskia, and Liz Earle.

3. Replace negative thought patterns with self-love mantras

This one takes practice! I’m trying to train my mind to flag up negative thought patterns (worry, stress, anxiety) and actively replace them with something joyful or proactive instead. I literally imagine drawing a line under the negative thought, and choose something positive to concentrate on. These mantras help.

4. Feed myself something delicious

I’m a foodie, through and through. I enjoy food – I love that it invokes and arouses so many senses, I love that it creates memories, I love that nourishes our bodies. Despite being a reformed (ish) fussy eater (and I do eat my vegetables now) I allow myself to eat something that brings me joy, every single day. In a time when we are swamped with so much conflicting nutritional advice and increasingly restrictive fad diets are introduced every single week, I find it super important to remember the joy the food and eating brings me.

5. Stretch

I want to say I exercise every day, but this is a personal blog and I need to be honest. I am not quite there yet and have a lot of mental blocks to get through in terms of physical self-care. However, I do stretch every day. Sometimes I’ll manage some yoga. But at the very least a good stretch several times a day is great for getting the blood moving round the body, it clears my mind, and helps me feel motivated.

6. Cuddle my husband

I’ve heard that physical touch is essential for our health, so this is as good an excuse as any to cuddle. Raj and I are cuddlers, but when we get super busy we might suddenly realise by the end of the day we haven’t cuddled once and we feel poorer for it. As life can be hectic and stressful I think love should be made a priority to keep your emotional health up.

7. Remember to take my vitamins

Do you know how many times over the years I have bought vitamins and forgotten all about them? It’s not only a waste but a totally ridiculous act of self-neglect. However much I might try I know I don’t get the full range of vitamins I need daily so remembering to take my vitamins is a key act of kindness to ensure my body can function the best it can.

8. Sit outside for 10 minutes

When I was suffering with severe depression this was one of the key pieces of advice the doctor gave me – to sit, or get, outside even if it was only for 10 minutes. Our bodies need the vitamin D from the sun to function properly. Our brains need it. But it’s also key for mental and spiritual health to just allow yourself those 10 minutes to breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun (or rain) on your face, and to clear those metaphorical cobwebs from being trapped inside all day.

9. Reflect on the good things that happen each day

We often do this at dinner time or bed time – we reflect on the day. I know some people use a gratitude journal, but it’s also useful and healthy to say out loud a few of the positive things you experience that day. It can be as simple as enjoying a cuppa or spotting a pretty bird outside your window, or it could be a brand new contract you’ve won or a friend you made on the train.

10. Find something to laugh at

Over time I have found myself less inclined to watch so many dramas on television, instead I will opt for some comedy. I find the act of laughing out loud incredibly therapeutic, particularly on work-from-home days when I haven’t spoken to anybody all day. I’m a loud giggler, so it helps to use my lungs, and crack a great big smile.

11. Sleep

Perhaps the kindest thing I do for myself is prioritise sleep. For many years I have struggled with bouts of insomnia and I notice what a huge detriment it is to my health and life during those periods of time. However, when I get a full 8 hours sleep I feel like life is good and I can achieve anything. Sure, it might feel more productive to have more waking hours in the day, but it’s a false economy. I function best with plenty of sleep behind.

Plus, I’m not so grumpy! Ha!

What kind things do you do for yourself every day?


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11 Kind Things I Do For Myself Every Day