17 Ways to Enjoy Self-Care Sunday

17 Ways To Enjoy Self Care Sunday_Rosalilium

Self-care is quite the buzzword at the moment, and one that particularly resonates with me at the moment.

I have reached a point in my life where I recognise the need to take a holistic approach to taking care of myself.

Too often we concentrate on just sorting our diet out, or bashing it out at the gym, or practicing hours of meditation.

But I’ve found that when we throw ourselves into one thing, we often leave another part of our body, mind or spirit lacking.

So I’m starting a new project; one that prioritises self-care. The aim is to listen to my body, understand my mental and emotional needs, and take care to keep my spiritual self topped up.

Thinking about it, maybe it’s more of a challenge than project!

I don’t believe it will easy. I know there will be times when I might lose my way, but by actively focusing on at least one day a week when I will concentrate on self-care I hope that I can find a healthier state of being.

17 Ways To Enjoy Self-Care Sunday

1. Make yourself breakfast in bed – the more decadent and indulgent the better

2. Give yourself a mini spa day – bring out the facemasks, mani-pedis and exfoliating mitts

3. Fill your house with new music – I love modern classical such as Ludovico Einaudi’s Nightbook

4. Take a long, leisurely walk – a good two-hour ramble through the countryside

5. Enjoy a duvet day – relax in fresh pyjamas and have a nap or two

6. Get green-fingered – gardening and general plant-loving is good for the soul apparently

7. Have a cookathon – do a massive food shop the day before and spend Sunday prepping and cooking nutritious meals for the week ahead.

8. Host a board game day – invite some folks over and enjoy some old fashioned board games

9. Try journalling – grab a notebook and start writing, collecting photographs, and adding memorabilia

10. Practice mindfulness – whatever your spiritual choices try some prayer, meditation or being calm in your mind

11. Treat yourself to a long book reading session – curl up on the sofa with a blanket and a new book

12. Go to the beach – take a picnic and enjoy the sound of the waves

13. Write a list of (reasonable) goals for the week – then set it aside

14. Take a yoga class – or just have a good stretch

15. Make something with your hands – crafting, knitting, cooking or even a spot of flat-pack furniture building.

16. Organise a sleepover with your friends the nigh before – enjoy a good, friendly natter

17. Try something new – archery? rock climbing? singing in public? eating oysters? watching the ballet? visit an English Heritage site?

How do you like to take time for yourself? Share you ideas below!