2 Weeks on Expedition is a Loooooong Time

Where do I start? This past two weeks has been immense. I am finally back in the UK after a gruelling 20 hours travelling and now I am recovering from ridiculous jetlag, trying to digest everything I have been through. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences which included a painful spider bite, mozzie bites, sunburn, stinky loos, bland food, a shoulder injury and lots of aching muscles. There was also stunning scenery, amazing people, challenging work and fascinating cultural exchanges. To sum up the trip in one blog post would not sufficiently do justice to the expedition, and so, I will do a series of posts over the next week on different aspects of the trip to let you in on everything interesting I experienced.
Digging, digging and more digging
I sucked on some cacao seeds – they are sour!
Spent time with my homestay family
Looking strong with the team of volunteers
And was kept awake all night by this noisy cockerel