21 Interesting Facts About Me

Welcome to #BEDM 2015! Whoop, whoop! Myself and over 100 other bloggers are taking part in this month-long challenge to blog EVERY SINGLE DAY IN MAY.


Crazy, eh?

So today we are going to get to know each other a bit better and what better way to get to know me than with a good ol’ fashioned list.

Today I would like to share with you a few interesting, and possibly not-so-interesting, things about me.

Coz we are all made up of strange quirks, yes?

21 Interesting Facts About Me

21 Interesting (not-so-interesting) Facts About Me

1. I presented a channel 4 kids current affairs programme when I was 12.

2. I trained as an Anthropologist.

3. I’d still like to go back to university to do a PhD.

4. I’m a born Londoner and a big part of my heart is still there.

5. I’m a huge music lover with a diverse taste. My most seen bands are Green Day, Less Than Jake, Yo Le Tengo and Goldfrapp.

6. I’m a born worrier. I worry about everything. Always have. And now I have pretty hardcore worry lines on my face to prove it.

7. I love trains. Not quite geeky train spotting obsessed. But Thomas the Tank Engine was my fave when I was a kid.

8. My favourite wine is Chardonnay, preferably an oaky Australian or Chilean.

9. My guilty pleasure is watching Avatar: the last airbender cartoon on Netflix

10. My brother is a blacksmith and I’m a blogger, I bet our parents never imagined what weirdos we’d become

11. I’ve lived in over 30 houses in my lifetime – I am  a lifelong nomad.

12. I am known for making up words. It drives the boyf nuts.

13. I like to break grammatical rules. Because I’m a rebel.

14. I don’t eat fruit, can’t stand the stuff. The texture freaks me right out. So imagine my delight when I discovered I Quit Sugar and found that fruit is actually bad for you. Hoorah! Go veggies!!!

15. I appear to have a bit of a handbag fetish. I can’t stop collecting the darn things.

16. I always carry crystals around in my handbag or makeup bag. I think they bring me good luck and protection.

17. I only learned to like coffee a year ago, and now I can’t stop drinking the stuff.

18. My dream is to live in the countryside near the sea and forest, and if possible a mountain (or a very large hill, I’m not THAT demanding).

19. I still can’t drive. Yep, most of my old school friends are well into 15 years of driving and I’m still carrying my provisional.

20. When I was a child my heartthrob of the time was Jason Donovan. He was so dreamy.

21. I once bought my little sister a slinky for her birthday. She lives in a bungalow. (I am either cruel or stupid. Maybe a bit of both).

Happy Mayday everybody!

And please do tell me one strange fact about you. Even better if I’m not alone on any of the above!

P.S. There’s still time to join #BEDM 2015, sign up here.


  1. My boyfriend has exactly the same issue with fruit. The second best thing I’ve ever witnessed was him eating half a strawberry, the first? An apricot. Effing hilarious!

  2. Haha! I drink coffee, never drunk tea. As a teenager all I wanted to be was a farrier. Imagine what my parents thought about that! Oh and I don’t even have a provisional licence!
    Is there any hope for me?

  3. I’ve given up counting the number of homes I’ve lived in since I moved out of my parent’s place! I’m with you on that one. I also way rate veggies over fruit. Fruit is for bushbabies.

  4. Thank you for running this month long challenge!! I am super excited this time around. I am intrigued about these crystals you carry in your bag!? I hope you have more to say on them!!

  5. I suddenly grasped what you were saying about the slinky! Ha, that’s hilarious! I would also like to live where you suggest. If you find such a place, please let me know! I can’t drive and I love trains in the same way! x

  6. Interesting lady. I wish I liked coffee but can’t stand the stuff. I have lived in so many houses. One day o shall settle xx

  7. Haha I love fruit. Have a thing about bananas. Apples and celery with raisins and Mayo or sour cream is yummy.

    I’ve been graduated since 2007 and still want to go back to university.

  8. Haha the slinky thing is brilliant. I also love trains! It hasn’t reached the train spotting stage, but I do read a lot of books about the London Underground and delight in going to transport museums… Send help!

  9. I’m with you on Jason Donovan. I also discovered coffee recently! Such a nice change from drinking tea all the time!! But you have to get used to the taste though.

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