30 Before 30: How Did I Do?

I wonder if anyone actually completes all of their goals on these annual lists? I mean, I had every intention of doing everything on the list but various things in life mean they just don’t happen. Money, time and effort are big factors as to whether one can complete these goals. But also, it depends on how big or little these goals are. Plus, the older you get the more there is on the list. Eeek!

Either way, I am happy with the goals I did accomplish last year and I am currently in the process of writing up my 31 before 31 list. I like having a list of goals stuck to my wall to constantly remind myself of where I am going, what I want to do and to inspire me to try new things.

So here is a recap of how I fared with my 30 before 30 list:

  1. open an online vintage shop yes. I opened (and closed) my little online vintage shop.
  2. learn to drive – sadly not. lack of finances meant it was not feasible. this moves onto next list.
  3. move in with the boyf yes! we moved in together last March and it was wonderful set up a home.
  4. host a cocktail party- no. but I did set up a cocktail trolley in our home.
  5. develop accessories for The Rosalilium Shop – no. sadly my etsy shop is closed for now. I miss making and selling online and hope I can do this again in the future.
  6. attend some networking events yes. I still find it quite nerve-wracking and anxiety gets the best of me sometimes but I keep signing up for more.
  7. go to the Ballet – no.
  8. make a photo gallery in my home – kind of. I hung the photographs from the trip when we met. but I would like a bigger gallery in my next home.
  9. write my Burma series on Rosalilium – no. The Burma series is only half completed. I will make an effort to finish it this year.
  10. learn to crochet a granny square – no.
  11. visit one new place (village, town or city) a month – no. I need to plan more outings this year.
  12. read more books yes. but I didn’t enjoy any of them. need to find some good ones.
  13. learn yoga – yes and no. I went to a couple of yoga sessions but not consistently enough.
  14. take a road-trip with the boyf I am going to say yes because we drive a lot around this country.
  15. make fresh homemade lemonade – no. why did I not do this?
  16. buy Polaroid film and take photos – no. kept baulking at the price of film.
  17. write an article for a magazine yes! I wrote for Mollie Makes and more magazines
  18. celebrate my Master’s graduation in style – no. this makes me sad. but we were so broke we couldn’t go to my graduation.
  19. take an art/craft day class – no. I want to get myself booked on one in Birmingham soon.
  20. enjoy my hammock – no. summer was a washout this year.
  21. visit Canada yes! I was bridesmaid for my bestie.
  22. go on a camping trip yes. we went camping at Womad festival.
  23. reupholster the ottoman – no. not enough time was dedicated to DIY. gutted.
  24. take photobooth photos with the boyf yes. we took some at Time Square in NYC.
  25. improve my photography – I think so. I have been trying particularly hard to improve my food photography.
  26. visit my Grandparent’s and learn their life histories kind of, yes. I had a really good chat with my Grandad about his childhood in Burma. It makes me so happy to see his face light up and he is so animated with the detail of his life there.
  27. meet up with old friends yes. one of my uni friend’s who I hadn’t seen for 5 years came to visit me.
  28. apply for the Churchill travel fund – no. it wasn’t feasible this time around.
  29. design a range of greetings cards – no. but my head is filled with ideas for the design.
  30. make more homemade booze yes. the marshmallow vodka was particularly delicious.

I’ll be honest, a part of me didn’t want to share this update on the blog. I felt kind of ashamed and a bit of a failure for not achieving everything on the list. What if everyone thinks I’m a massive failure?!

But then I told myself off (I do this a lot). I told myself that sharing is therapeutic. And I told myself not to be so hard on myself.

If I look down the list, sure there are some simple things I could have achieved such as going to the ballet or learning to crochet. But I have also done some pretty cool things too and it is much better to concentrate on the positive.

This past year was a pretty tough one and I was working very hard. At one point I was working full time in an office job, running this blog (which is almost full time), writing twice a week for DS, running my vintage shop and still trying to find other writing work. I didn’t get any rest and I didn’t spend any of my weekend relaxing. In fact, I find it very hard to remember what relaxation feels like. I feel guilty if I am not working every hour of the day on something. I know that is not a healthy way to be and sometimes my health does suffer. So maybe relaxing is something to go on the list for next year. And maybe I should make more time to work on my next goal list instead of working my butt off. Who knows what the next year holds but I’m excited for the possibilities and potential.

Do you make goal lists? How do you work on fulfilling them?

  1. Oh oh, get an instax mini instead and buy the film on ebay, its so much cheaper than polaroid and much more reliable 🙂 Also, Youtube is the best for learning to crochet, I love it.

    I thought about writing a 30 before I’m 30, but I know I’ll never do them all, I loved seeing how you did though, I’m looking forward to your 31 list now.

    1. I have been coveting an Instax mini for ages now. I should just got on with already!

      And thanks for the crochet youtube tip. Will check it out. 🙂


  2. love this Elizabeth. And I totally hear ya on the working every min of the day and weekend! I actually don’t know how to relax anymore either! So 2013 is the year of making it all happen and only doing the things I really wanna do. I should so make one of these lists too, its a great idea.
    Caroline xx

  3. Don’t feel bad about not ticking more stuff off! Life gets in the way sometimes. I only completed half of my 25 Before 25 list and I had some relatively simple stuff on there that could have easily been completed but wasn’t! You got some good stuff done and that’s all that matters 🙂

  4. I think you ought to do another list of all the things that you did and achieved over the last year that you didn’t plan to do – always pays to be positive!

    I think you did pretty darned well anyway! x

    1. Thanks lovely. That’s a good idea. I did do a year in review for 2012 which was nice to see all the good things I did too.


  5. It does get harder with age! I would say the number of goals you have achieved, and are on your way to achieving is quite good. I have mine what I believe is a more manageable 3 by 30 (though I did add an extra one) . These are quite big goals but with those four often raised in my mind I can work towards them more easily. I also do seasonal goals which are more ‘fun’ and more easily achievable. I don’t always finish all of them but figure a 50% success rate is acceptable.

    Look forward to seeing what you have planned for the next year.

    1. that’s a great idea too. I love your big goals too. Good luck! I have no doubt you will make them happen. 🙂

  6. You sound like you had a really busy year! I would definitely recommend sticking with yoga – started going this year and I love it – 1 hour a week totally away from everything! If you haven’t read ‘White Teeth’ by Zadie Smith (one of my favourite books ever) I’d recommend reading that if you’ve got time this year!

  7. I really like your list, I’ve been working on my 30 before 30 and I really enjoy reading about how people get on with theirs. I certainly wouldn’t feel embarrassed looking at how much you’ve done and a achieved. I don’t think any of us can ever say we’ve achieved every goal we want to achieve but I think it makes life better if you have things to aim for. You should be proud of all the things you did manage to do 🙂

  8. Re Polaroid: Have you looked at Fuji Instax? It’s pretty much the same but Fuji still manufacture it so it’s cheaper 🙂 Some of it even fits Polaroid cameras although it’s worth checking before you buy any.
    I’m getting to the end of my 25 before 23 (I went for a round number) and I’m enjoying looking back and seeing what I *have* accomplished. I made my list a mix of different types of things intentionally and I think I would have done a lot fewer of them had I not written them down.

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