31 Before 31 List

I enjoyed the whole process of my 30 before 30 list that I decided to continue the tradition with writing up a new list of goals that I would like to achieve before I hit 31 years old. I gave myself a couple of weeks to mull over my ideas because goals can’t be rushed, eh? Today, I finally pulled out my shiny new notebook and this year I chose my royal blue staedtler pen to write out my list. Some of these goals have been carried over from the previous list but quite a lot of these are brand new. I’m quite excited to start planning and scheming to achieve some of these goals already. Yey!

For the sake of accountability, or at least to give me a reason to try and work on these goals I will list them share them here on the blog.

31 Before 31

  1. learn to drive (not quite, but I did pass my theory test!)
  2. go on a spa weekend break (almost – went on a spa day)
  3. host a cocktail party
  4. make a photo gallery in my home
  5. learn yoga
  6. learn to crochet a granny square
  7. visit one new place a month (ish)
  8. go to the ballet
  9. get more freelance work (earn a living from writing/blogging/photography)
  10. pay off credit card and overdrafts
  11. learn to make bread
  12. start a fitness routine and stick to it
  13. take an art/craft day class
  14. buy a new DLSR, improve my photography and photoshop skills  (did get a new lens and improved)
  15. go foraging more and enjoy nature (could do more)
  16. go to the theatre
  17. explore Birmingham (yep!)
  18. organise a Blogger’s event (Birmingham Blognix)
  19. make and enjoy homemade lemonade
  20. introduce  more eco and ethical practices into my life
  21. take a trip to Scotland
  22. buy a little record player and slow down with analogue
  23. find a nice, warm house to settle in for 2 years (found a warm apartment in Birmingham)
  24. do more DIY
  25. give vlogging a real go (took part in Vlog Every Day in April)
  26. go on a relaxing sun, sea and sand holiday (Spain!)
  27. buy polaroid film and take photos
  28. make some new friends (yep!)
  29. play a 90’s music DJ set
  30. design my own greetings cards
  31. go on one special date a month with the boyf (we ate out and went the cinema quite a bit)

 Phew! That is quite the list.

What do you think? Is it possible to achieve all this in just one year?

Any ideas on how I can achieve any of these in particular?

  1. I’m sad to say I’m on the road to failure with my 29 before 30 list – but yours looks totally manageable! I’ve spent about 11 months trying to crochet. I just can’t seem to get it! x

  2. This looks ambitious but just about manageable.

    I wholeheartedly support nos. 20 & 21!

    Living in the same place for two years sounds like a dream. Good luck, it’d make you so secure.

  3. Very manageable! 29 is my favorite-that would be awesome! It’s interesting that you dont drive. I imagine you live in a place with LOTS of public transportation? I’m from the US, so everyone has a stinkin car! I almost wish there were most public transit options, especially where I live!

  4. I am DETERMINED to learn to drive this year too – it’s starting to get a bit impossible to get anywhere -what with the two children and all!
    Good luck with your list – it looks like tons of fun 🙂 x

  5. If you really want to learn to drive i’d seriously start studying for the theory test! I started learning last year but had to take a long break after having my baby. If i can do it with a new born i’m sure you can. Good luck! Oh, i’m also from Birmingham, great place to explore.

  6. I love lists like this! For 21 I’d recommend either the West Highlands (if you like rural) or Edinburgh (if you like cities). I’m doing an eco challenge this year similar to number 20 – I’d definitely recommend one small change at a time, it makes it more manageable and you get a great sense of satisfaction and achievement as you go along.

    It all sounds great, best of luck with them and look forward to seeing how you get on xx

  7. I think it’s do-able, just try to do a few things every month. They sound like a lot of fun and that should really help with the motivation.

    My number one goal is the same as yours! Finding other non-driving adults makes me feel a bit less rubbish 😉

  8. You will do these things because it sounds like you are passionate about them! If they were someone else’s ideas, then you probably wouldn’t be so motivated! The driving one will take the most time and effort!! Cheers to these fab ideas!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  9. Hi ya love this post,
    Thinking I may have to join you on this one lol I have till march 2014 to do this

    The bread one is easy can slip you a recipe if ya like ??


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