A Trip to Spain

As you may have noticed by the all of the guest posts on Rosalilium last week I was off on my hollibobs. The boyf and I had hotfooted it down to Spain for 9 days of relaxation. And let me tell you, it was very much overdue. This was our first actual holiday since we’ve been together. It was almost novel to have a week together without any stress, work, deadlines or worries. I can totally see why people do this holiday malarky on a regular basis. Turns out, relaxation is really good for you! Who knew?!

Red Wine

For the first two days we slept. No exaggeration. We slept, ate and then slept a bit more. We hadn’t quite realised just how exhausted we really were. And the great thing about a holiday is that you can do just that. Yey!

Sunbathing and Swimming

We were able to go on holiday because a lovely friend of the boyf has a villa out on the Costa Blanca. It was a gorgeous place just south of Alicante. It had a pool, a barbeque and a terrace (well, two actually), which is exactly what we needed. We could spend our days reading, swimming, sunbathing, barbequing, eating more, napping and I filled half a notebook with ideas and inspiration.

Barbequed Prawn

Of course, being the foodies that we are most of the holiday revolved around food. The best thing about staying in a villa is you get to make your own food. Sounds nuts to some, but we loved being able to shop at the local supermercado and pick up all of our favourites. The fresh prawns here were incredible – the sweetest prawns I’ve ever eaten!

Tapas by the beach

Of course, there were days when we couldn’t be bothered to cook or wash up so we would head out to sample the local delights. Tapas became a very regular staple and I am now a huge Patatas Alioli fan. I love that the Spanish are not shy of garlic. It’s in everything! I loved it.


And I did end up eating ALL the chorizo in Spain (possibly an exaggeration, but my expanding waistline begs to differ!). I have never enjoyed a trip to the supermarket as much as I did on this holiday. Their selection of fresh produce was amazing!

At sunset

But the best bit of the holiday was getting to spend some good quality time with this very lovely man. He works so hard and is unwaveringly supportive. We got to really chill out together and that was super-special.


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