A Trip to the Countryside


We took a short trip up to Lincolnshire this week for a couple of days of fresh air and peace. We encountered stunning sunsets, took long drives and met with the local cows.

variety cereal

We realised late on the first evening that we had no breakfast materials for the following morning so drove for 15 minutes to the nearest petrol station to find only a variety pack of cereal available. This took me right back to my childhood, memories of squabbling with my brother over who got the Coco Pops. Luckily, nowadays they supply 3 packets of Coco Pops which saved the morning arguments with my boyfriend.


We popped into Lincoln to sample a little of the old town and the wonderfully beautiful cathedral majestically towering above this lovely little city. The cathedral is situated at the top of an incredibly steep hill and the route up is along the aptly named ‘Steep Hill’.

lincoln hill retro sweets

This super-steep street is lined with wonderful boutiques, tea shops and antiques stores which provide a welcome relief along the arduous climb to the top. My particular favourite was this wonderful sweet shop with decades of sweets trays which would make lovely presents.


All in all, it was great to have a break in the countryside, breathing in the fresh air, listening to the silence and getting lost in fields of hay.