A Very Personal Advent Calendar

Last year the boyf bought me this rather cute little advent calendar set. It’s the traditional type with a small pouch for each day complete with a cute drawstring detail. Each pouch attaches to the calendar string with a little wooden peg and we fill each pouch with goodies. Now, we could go down the sweeties and chocolate route but I already have a Maltesers advent calender this year, also thanks to the boyf. So this year we have filled out little slips of paper each with a different festive activity to do on that day. We are very excited about this.

advent calender

We had a good ol’ brainstorm and these are activities we have planned in our Christmas Advent Calendar.

                1. Write a Christmas List
                2. Decorate the Christmas Tree
                3. Write out Christmas Cards
                4. Buy a Wreath
                5. Play Cards
                6. Make Paper Snowflakes
                7. Go to a Christmas Market
                8. Drink Mulled Wine/Cider
                9. Watch ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’
                10. Do Something Charitable
                11. Make Christmas Cookies
                12. Kiss Under the Mistletoe
                13. Make a Christmas Craft
                14. Play a Board Game
                15. Make a Christmas Cocktail
                16. Start a New Tradition
                17. Take a Couple Portrait
                18. Watch ‘Elf’
                19. Take a Winter Walk
                20. Make Hot Chocolate Chai and eat Biscuits
                21. Attend a Carol Concert
                22. Wrap Presents
                23. Make and Eat Cinnamon Swirls
                24. Light a Candle and Give Thanks
festive activities

Of course, we shan’t limit ourselves to only one festive activity a day. Should another exciting one crop up we can totally squeeze in more.

This will also be our first Christmas in our own place so we are pretty excited to start some new traditions. We have a couple already from the last two years such as buying one new special bauble each for the Christmas tree. And I’m sure we will come up with some more fun times in the coming month.

What are your favourite festive activities during December?