A Weekend in Hebden Bridge

I had the wonderful pleasure of spending the weekend with the lovely Lisa at Mathilde heart Manech, in the beautiful town of Hebden Bridge. Lisa is one of my best blogging buddies, we have been talking and sharing our life on our blogs and twitter since last year, and found that we share an incredible amount in common. It was only a matter of time before I nabbed an invite to come stay with her!

Sure enough, from the moment we met, we were nattering away as if we had known each other for yonks. Despite only ever chatting online, there was no awkwardness and I felt completely at ease with Lisa and her boyf. I was welcomed with open arms and I enjoyed a brilliant weekend getting to know my blogging friend.

We were blessed with deliciously warm weather that allowed us to enjoy outdoor drinks at the pub, perusing charity shops and Indie stores, supping up the stunning industrial-age architecture, marvel at the beauty of this lovely town, take a long walk to Gibson Mill through Hardcastle Craggs. We enjoyed delicious Thai food, yummy milkshakes, bacon, chorizo, and lots of vodka. We danced the night away to Disco music at the Trades Club, and we enjoyed the beautiful arts and crafts at The Arts Centre.

I heart Hebden Bridge

I heart Hebden Bridge. I really do. This place is just lovely.

inside Arts House Hebden Bridge

Inside the Arts Centre, Heart Gallery. I left feeling super inspired and desperate for a large wage packet next time I visit.

Lisa at Arts House

The very lovely Lisa – my generous host, guide and friend.

Old Mill at Hebden Bridge

There is a lot of stunning remnants from the industrial past of Hebden Bridge. This place was once a working textile-industry town, with all the housing purpose-built for the workers.

Milkshake and Cake

We stopped for chocolate-fest – milkshakes and fudge cake.

Sharing a love for Liberty fabric

We popped into Hat Therapy after spotting Chrissie’s tweet invite us to stop by.

Chrissie invited us to see the hats she is working on, cajoled me into trying one on, and shared her secret suppliers for Liberty fabric with Lisa.

trying on hats

Hebden Bridge
Hebden Bridge has the highest concentration of indie shops in the country – it really is a hub for independent businesses and creativity.

Lisa at the vintage shop

We checked out a cute vintage shop, and Lisa sadly passed on the opportunity to buy some gold sparkley trousers. She will regret that one day, I’m sure.

the happy couple

In the evening we headed down to the Trades Club for some Disco fun. I never realised how happy Disco music is. Seriously, if you are ever feeling glum, get down with the boogie…that stuff is infectious! We danced the night away, and Lisa got to see my ham it up on the dancefloor. (I am prone to throwing shapes on the dancefloor).

walking near Hebden Bridge

On Sunday, after a late start and copious amounts of toast, we headed off for a walk through the Craggs towards Gibson Mill. It is very pretty around here.

Gibson Mill

We stopped for lunch at Gibson Mill. It is a lovely spot in the middle of unspoilt beauty.

karate kid elizabeth

On the walk back I spotted some stepping stones, so it only seemed right that I explored a little further and attempt to find some zen.

Sad to leave Hebden Bridge

I was so sad to leave Hebden Bridge. I had such a rad time, and Lisa is just the best! But I am sure I will back to be visit again, and I have the rest of Yorkshire to explore too.

And check out Lisa’s awesome blog if you have yet to do so, it is full of pretty and wonderful things –> Mathilde heart Manech

I hope you had a lovely weekend too!