Hello, I am Elizabeth and welcome to my website. I am a writer, podcaster, and unravelling coach.

I believe that wellness should be for everyone. That living a healthy, fulfilling, and interesting life can be accessible to all. I know that wellbeing is more than just nutrition and fitness, it’s about mindset, experiences, and the path we choose through life. I believe that self-care should be taken seriously, and that when we are working from a place of our true self we can make our lives the best they can possibly be.

My writing can be found on this blog which has evolved over the past 10 years from a lifestyle blog into a place where I share my journey on how to figure out a meaningful and interesting life. 

I host the podcast, The Good Life Unravelled. It is a space where I interview a diverse range of interesting people about their life, work, and perspectives on what it means to live a good life. I also share my own personal wisdom as I research and experience trying to live a good life.

After several requests I am now about to launch my bespoke life coaching programme where I work one-to-one with people to help them dig deep and figure out what a good life means to them personally. 

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In 2019 I launched a podcast called The Good Life Unravelled

The Good Life Unravelled is a podcast curious about what it truly means to live a fulfilling and interesting life, where wellness is for everybody and having an open mind to learning from others is the key to the best life.

We talk about wellbeing, self-care, lifestyle, and all the different approaches to living a better life. We take a holistic approach to wellbeing looking at issues of the body, mind and spirit. We cover topics ranging from minimalism and clean beauty to instinctive self-care and journalling. We look at seasonal living, mental health, food, and travel.

We talk to people from all walks of life, folks within the wellness industry, and people who have an interesting take on what it means to live a good life.

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Woman stood in front of grey shed with garden tools in hand and flower pots to the side


I currently live in Birmingham, UK with my husband and our two rescue cats. I took up gardening as a new hobby last year and I am obsessed! It’s the perfect self-care activity for me.

My other self-care priorities and favourites include: writing morning pages/journalling every day, meditation, yoga, tai chi, cooking, walking, and visits to the coast whenever possible. I love the sound of waves. Travel is often a key tool for helping me to think. 

I am an avid fan of spas. 

I am a Capricorn Sun, Virgo Moon, Scorpio Ascendent. My interest in astrology has helped me find acceptance in who I am and stop fighting against expectations and opinions of others. I have an intensity about me that I know is also my gift as I can dig deep and truly see a path to help others. I have enormous empathy, and a skill for distilling ideas and communicating them in a way that makes sense. 

I have always been free-spirited and followed my own path through life. At times this has been difficult, but I like to see it as taking the scenic route through life. 

I have been a sufferer of mental illnesses in the past including depression, anxiety, and panic disorder. Thankfully I’m mostly the other side of it thanks to some extended dynamic psychotherapy. I highly recommend it if you need it! 

All in all I’m a friendly lady who loves creating, sharing, and empowering. 


To register interest in my new coaching programme – click here

To find my contact details – click here