Exciting News! We Adopted Kittens

We adopted two kittens from the RSPCA. WAHOO!

I am so excited to introduce the newest members of our family, Phoenix and Bear.

Phoenix and Bear Kittens

Phoenix and Bear

Just under two weeks ago I found these two gorgeous little ones whilst I was doing one of my regular internet browsing sessions for fantasy cats (you see, I’m often virtual shopping for cats and one day hope to own a house big enough to keep ALL THE CATS). I was on the RSPCA website and there were a bunch of stray, injured and rescued cats waiting to find their forever home.

And these two gorgeous fur babies stood out.

At first it was Phoenix that we went to go see. His description on the website told us that he’s been brought in with a broken jaw and had had a wire put in to fix it. He was a quiet boy who need a loving home with someone at home a lot to take care of him.

That evening I showed Raj his profile. But thought nothing more of it. I’m forever asking Raj for cats and so far it’s been a no.

Then… by my complete surprise, Raj messaged me the next day whilst at work to say he’d spoken to the RSPCA and they reckon the kitten would go quickly at the weekend, which is their busiest time.


I literally leapt up, got my make-up on, called a taxi and rushed out the house to meet Raj at the RSPCA rescue centre and animal hospital just outside of Birmingham.

There was no way I was missing this opportunity! And I didn’t want Raj to say change his mind.

As soon as I arrived I spotted Raj in the cat area. I walked through the door, super excited, and there to my right was Phoenix in his enclosure. He was sat quietly on his bed, just looking out at us with his most adorable eyes.

Meanwhile, I could hear a meowing going on behind us. I turned around and there was Bear up against the window of his enclosure. He had the loudest meow, and was clawing up to get at us.

We instantly fell in love with him as well. He had so much personality and was making us smile from the moment we saw him.

I joked to Raj, “ooohhh….can we get TWO?!”. His first reaction was a firm no. But when it came to make the decision we couldn’t make it. We couldn’t take just one of them.

We spent ages at the shelter. We met both Pheonix and Bear. Had cuddles with them both. And we were in love.

Of course, we were totally unprepared and were there on a whim. So we weren’t entirely sure if we were making the right decision. Getting one cat was a big move for our family as it is, to get two? Were we mad?!

In the end, we were forced to make a choice and we just couldn’t choose between the two so we said yes to Phoenix AND Bear.

Phoenix and Bear

We filled out the paperwork and I rushed home to get them registered with a local vet. I then spent the next day or so researching how to make kittens feel safe and settle them in. I bought loads of cat supplies off Amazon Prime so we would have it all ready for when they came to us.

A couple of days later, it was a Saturday, we drove back out the RSPCA to see them. I had read that it helps to settle them in if you take something for them that smells of you and your house. So I took two clean flannels and made Raj and I rub ourselves with them. Sounds mad, but I think it worked!

Back at the RSPCA we had more cuddles with our boys and gave them the flannels to sleep with in their baskets.

I was so sad not to be taking them home immediately, it was another week until we were all ready. Phoenix had to go back into the animal hospital to have the wire taken out of his jaw. It seems like the bone has healed up nicely, but he does have a smaller infection inside his gum. He also got his neutering appointment done whilst he was there.

This Saturday, I smothered their carriers and blankets with Feliway (it’s a cat pheromone that I heard makes them calm) and we drove on out to pick up our new kittens.

We filled out all the paperwork, had a briefing on Phoenix’s health, and before we knew it we were driving home with the newest members of our family.

Phoenix and Bear

Back home, I had prepared the lounge to be there main base for now. We cleared away most of the ornaments and arranged their beds, litter trays, food bowls, water, and toys around the room.

We opened their carriers and Bear was straight out exploring and saying hello to us. Meanwhile, Phoenix came out slowly and promptly hid under the sofa. He then stayed there for the next 9 hours or so. He’s very shy and timid.


Bear, on the other hand, is a super friendly kitten. He was happy to play and cuddle immediately. He is so affectionate.

Eventually Bear managed to entice Phoenix out from under the sofa, and they play fight constantly when they’re together.

Both kittens are eating well, we keep them separated to sleep, and they appear to settling in.

Already they are displaying personalities and preferences. As a stay-at-home-cat-mum I’m able to keep a close eye on their habits and read their personalities.

Bear the kittenBear the kittenBear kitten

Bear is loveable and needs to be around people as much as he can. He loves cuddles and is very vocal. He loves to play and I think he’s quite smart so will need lots of playtime and mental stimulation.

Phoenix the kittenPhoenix cat

Phoenix isn’t quite used to cuddles yet. But he loves to play with Bear. He take his medicine like a champ each day and he has a taste for chicken. He prefers to sleep undercover so is still using his carrier as a cave. His favourite toy is a ball and he has excellent ball control with paws.

Of course, they already have their own Instagram account, it’s called Phoenix and Bear, for you to follow along on their adventures through kittenhood.

We are both totally in love with our new fur babies and unbelievably happy right now.


(I’ve filmed the entire adoption process and welcoming them home. Will get it edited as soon as I can and will share on my YouTube channel.


  1. Ohhh, I loved reading this post!! I’d have definitely been torn about which kitten to have and would have had both as well. They’re both absolutely beautiful and I’m now off to follow and stalk their Insta page!! 🙂 xx

  2. How fabulous! So glad you adopted (and not shopped), and the RSPCA do so much good work. I recently toured my local RSPCA unit, I hadn’t realised they were all independent charities, and my local one runs very differently to your one –

    Your two are such cuties, and I love how different their personalities are already. Cats are always such strong natured – I love it about them.

    I didn’t adopt on my visit….but I couldn’t leave empty handed……….he he –

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