Being Adventurous

Riding on top of a truck in Thailand | Rosalilium

This probably wasn’t the smartest¬†of choices I made; riding on the top of a tuk-tuk/pick-up truck on the mountainous roads of Northern Thailand with nothing but my bare feet clad in flip flops wedged under the roof rack bar to hold me in place.

I’m sure my parents weren’t particularly amused by this decision.

And of course hindsight is telling me I’m a freaking idiot.

But you know what? It was FREAKING AWESOME!

As I said in my last post about being an adult, I have freedom and choice, and whether this was misguided or not, that  40-odd minutes or so feeling the wind in my hair and supping up every exquisite moment of feeling free among the mountainous roads of Thailand was amazing.

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In Luang Prabang | Rosalilium

Whether it is falling out of the boat whilst white water rafting or having to use the rather scary drop toilets on expedition in Dominican Republic, being adventurous is incredibly challenging but ultimately freeing.


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