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In today’s podcast episode we chat with Alexanadra Cuncev. Alexandra runs Storisse – a platform aimed at inspiring positive change through the gentle art of storytelling. She believes that telling our stories, sharing our magic in the mundane can inspire others around us and leads to gentle, but sustainable change.

My Beautiful Stories is a 7 minute long weekly podcast with a unique format. Alex and her husband Pawel collect and share day-to-day stories, followed each week by a brief reflection and art recommendation. People who have listened say it inspires them to live each day more meaningfully and joyfully, whilst also always leaving them with something to ponderon until next week.

The purpose of the podcast and all of Alex’s work is that her community get inspired to draw more energy from their everyday landscapes. Our mundane experiences can be equally moving and joyful.

In Series 3 of the podcast, Alex and Pawel are collecting stories written by people from all over the world to form a narrative about 2020. Featured until now were stories that told about hope in loss, beauty in isolation, the experiences of key workers to name a few. Diverse, touching, uplifting and thoughtful, the stories line up to form a chronicle of lockdown and document the year when we have all collectively lived through history. Alex invites everyone who feels they would like to share their story of 2020 to do so on the podcast. 

The PLANET PROJECT is a multi-media, international community project which took place online as a universal gesture of unity to celebrate the jubilee of Earth Day, on the 22nd of April 2020. Even whilst experiencing the difficulties of lockdown, over 300 podcasters, artists, creators and writers joined hands virtually in creating one piece of digital work each on the theme: Earth – our Planet.

The project set out to recreate the impact of the Baltic Chain. In the summer of 1989, two million people joined hands forming a human chain, in a peaceful demonstration of solidarity. The Baltic Chain, or the Chain of Freedom, spanned almost 700 kilometres (420 miles) across the Baltic states and is what gained the Baltic countries’ independence and notoriety around the world.

On Instagram, Alex runs #mybeautifulstories, which celebrates magic in the mundane in stories and has reached 20,000 posts. 



  • The power of the ripple effect – even when it seems like you can only make a small difference it can still be meaningful and create an impact in a way you can’t imagine or expect.
  • Our differences make us stronger and unique. Sharing these differences,  and sharing our stories allows us to step into each others space and encourages empathy.
  • The seemingly inconsequential moments in our lives can sometimes be the most transformative.
  • Storytelling teaches us something new about a moment. The re-telling of our stories helps us extract more meaning from them.
  • Sharing and storytelling creates a sense of community, something needed so much in a time when people struggle with loneliness and disconnect.
  • We can find joy in the most unexpected places.


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