An Afternoon in Bournemouth

The day started well with me preparing waffles with maple syrup and crushed pecans for my boyfriend served with a large mug of tea. Who said I’m not a lovely girlfriend eh? It was nice to have a lazy morning and by the afternoon we were ready for a new adventure (well, new for the boyf – he’s never explored much of the South coast).

So we popped along to Bournemouth to visit the seaside, driving through the beautiful New Forest (one of my favourite places in the world).

bournemouth beach

We had a lovely time walking along the promenade, watching the boys play footie on the beach, browsing around an antiques fair and eating fish and chips. It was a very relaxing afternoon indeed and I am so excited to be living near such a fantastic coastline.

bournemouth pier

Hope you had a great start to the weekend too. I must get an early night now as I will be up at the crack of dawn to traipse around the car boot sale.

outfit of the day bournemouth

(Jumper – Thrifted, Skirt – H&M, Belt – Primark, Tights – M&S, Boots – Primark)

Does anyone have any suggestions on places to visit along the South Coast?

  1. Haha, the last time I was on that beach was for midnight swimming at a party…happy happy fuzzy memories!
    The whole Jurassic coast is beautiful- Chesil Beach and Lulworth Cove and all the bits inbetween.

  2. @ Petite Annabel – That old look beach photo I actually took on my iphone with the hispstamatic app. It looks great, eh? I love those old sepia tones in seaside postcards of days gone by, so I was amazed at how well this came out!

  3. Bridport is gorgeous! Perfect for a day trip, because there's so many tasty bakeries and places to get fish & chips.

    I might be a little bias because that's where my grandparents used to live, but I think it's the prettiest place to go!

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