An Idea: Birmingham Blogger Conference/Meet-up

The Concept

I have an idea that has been bubbling away in the back of mind for quite some time. The idea is simply to organise a gathering of amazing, inspiring Bloggers to talk, discuss, share and inspire. I want it to fall somewhere between a conference Β and a meet-up. I don’t want it to be as formal conference but I want to have a little more structure than a meet-up with some speakers or a workshop maybe. I want it to be hosted in Birmingham as it is relatively central and has great transport links thus making it a little more accessible to more Bloggers. Plus, it’s near me (I need at least one perk, right?).

I want it to be unique. I want it to be an experience. An experience that Bloggers will cherish. But also an experience where they can learn and grow.


I have been to a few Blogger conferences and have learnt a lot from them. But the formality of the setting made it quite difficult to strike up conversations and meet new people. However, when I have met up with Bloggers at an informal meet-up or even one-to-one, I have had a brilliant time and made new friends. I want an event where I can do both.


I will start scouting out an ideal venue and seeking out potential folk who might like to share their knowledge and inspire us. I will then put together a plan and start inviting all your awesome Bloggers to come along.


I find it a little off-putting that some Blogger workshops and conferences are so expensive to attend. Many of us are blogging for free or for very little. To fork out huge amounts of money to learn more might be a good career move if you want to be a professional Blogger, but I think there needs to be an affordable option for the rest.

I want to find a way to host this event on a fair budget. I’m not in it to make a gazillion pounds. I want to give something back to the Blogging Community.

Next step?

As I am just at the planning stage I want to gauge what kind of interest there is. So I have put together a little survey to get a rough overview of what you might think so I can organise the best I can. If you can spare a moment to fill in that would be rad.

And please do share on twitter, facebook, google+, etc.

The more feedback I get at this stage the better!


If the form below does not load please click here to fill in the survey.