4 Months in Southeast Asia

southeast asia

Sooooo…… Southeast Asia. It was really quite something. As you may, or may not, be aware I spent the winter over in Southeast Asia. For the most part we lived in Thailand but we did also pop over to Singapore and Malaysia.

I have yet to really talk about it here on Rosalilium and here we are over 6 weeks since we got back.

For the most part, I think I’ve had the post-travel blues, or as some call it ‘reverse culture shock’. I just put it all to the back of mind and threw myself into work back home. I had four months of bacon sandwiches to catch up on.

praying ayutthaya

But I now feel ready to talk about it. I’m missing my regular doses of Pad Thai and Kao Neow. I’m missing the ‘nee-naaaw’ sounds of walking into the 7Eleven. I’m missing the thick, sticky heat. I’m missing having to jump over the various obstacles that make Thai pavements a mission of survival. I miss the huge selection of artisan coffee shops on my doorstep. I’m missing throwing the loo roll into the bin… oh wait, no, not missing that AT ALL!

I don’t want to have to resort to cliches but our time in Thailand really was a roller coaster of emotions and circumstances. It was the country where we met, the place where our relationship journey began and thus it was an important place for us to return to. At the same time we were returning under different circumstances, instead of being young, free and wild travellers, we are older, working digital nomads. We had no idea how it was going to turn out.


Sometimes you have to jump in both feet first, not always sure how deep you’ll go.

Raj and Elephant strokies

Thai Cooking ClassMiang Kham Thailand

In four months we kissed elephants, explored islands on the back of moped, blew our ears off eating hot chills, stayed in 5 star hotels, slept in bedbug-ridden hostels, ended up in hospital, hired a whole minibus to race to a capital city, watched countless beautiful sunsets, slept in an airport, took a cooking class, got caught in a thunderstorm, ate under the stars and so much more.

We had the best and worst of times. It was challenging, exciting, exhausting, and interesting.

Our adventure took many unexpected turns and loads of things did not go to plan. But I feel utterly privileged to have lived through that experience and hope we have many more to come.


Now we are back in the UK and we are currently in a state of purgatory, so to speak. We have some life stuff to sort and then plan our next adventure. Does this mean we will find a house to rent and settle into English life for a little bit? Or perhaps we’ll buy a van to carry on this digital nomad adventure, living and working as we explore this fabulous island we live on? Maybe we could do something else totally unexpected? Or perhaps we will find a middle ground to live a life of adventure both at home and abroad?

We’ll have an idea in the next couple of weeks. A decision needs to be made.

But one thing you can be sure of, we will always choose to live an adventure.