Autumn Fireplace Display

Why wait until Christmas to bring the outside in (I can’t wait to get a Christmas Tree!) when there is always so much beauty in nature to enjoy? As the last leaves fall this Autumn and Winter gets ready to set in I am bringing some of that Autumn colour inside to decorate my fireplace.

autumn leaf bunting

The mantelpiece in my lounge is a curated space. I like the arrangements to be fluid and changing. I have plenty of ‘things’ to decorate and display on my mantelpiece so it’s nice to have a seasonal rotation. Although, a few favourites do seem to maintain their position. I’m looking at you, beautiful vintage glass bottles.

munchkin pumpkins

Over the past month I have been unable to walk into a supermarket without picking up another munchkin pumpkin. I am addicted to them. They are just too cute!

autumn bunting

I have also been collecting pretty leaves off the pavement. I must look like a total weirdo, and I did get a few worried glances as I was picking up leaves. But, you know, they are pretty and I wanted to make a garland. One tree has been dropping some very soft leaves which are perfect for the garland. And the other set of leaves have dried and curled and look so serene in a casual grouping around the fireplace.

singer sewing machinevintage bottles and camera

I did try to move Ganesh and Buddha elsewhere but the boyf was having none of it. So I put them back on the mantelpiece and added my vintage camera back in so the accents of silver were picked up. Plus the singer has some good shiny going on too. To add some height to the display I have a simple vase of flowers and my favourite print from Mangle Prints.

autumn fireplace and leaf bunting

This display wont last that long, I will have to eat the little munchkin pumpkins soon. But for now, my Autumn mantelpiece provides a happy place to stare at in the evenings when I am snuggled under a million blankets on my sofa.