Awesome or Awful? Zara Monochrome Wedges

I was actually perusing the Zara website looking for a pair of lovely studded ankle boots that I had noticed on various blog-hopping sessions. However, too much umming and ahhing over whether I could afford to buy myself a pair of new boots meant that my size sold out. Darn it. However, during my perusals on Zara I found this magnificent pair of monochrome wedges. I think they are totally awesome. They are ‘on trend’ with the whole monochrome thing going on, they are stripy, they are high (hello 13.5cm) and they will be so versatile with my current wardrobe. I love them. I want them. I want a future with them. I want to spend all Spring/Summer trying not to fall over in them.

They are priced at a fairly reasonable £39.99 and I reckon they would last all Summer. However, I am fully aware that these wedges might be a little bit ‘out there’ and not to the taste of some.

So what you do you reckon? Are these monochrome wedges awesome or awful?