Back in the Day: 1998 – 1999

We were creeping towards the Millenium, there was talk of some kind of mass computer crash, and my Mum has dragged me kicking and screaming up to the Midlands. Everyone talked funny and I discovered a litre of cider was £1.09 from Cellar Five. It was an unusual time for me.

1998 – I was all about my Shaun the sheep bag. I loved that silly cuddly thing strapped to my back every day. I probably looked like a right numpty trundling up to school with it, but it made me smile.


1998 – It is the late 90’s and I am wearing combats low on the hip with my Calvin Klein pants waistband just on show. Oh, how cool was I? Of course, I had to get proper boys combats and not the girly shaped ones from the high street (keeping it real, yeah). But I did team it with my favourite dark red cowl neck top which I wore for years and years until a girl at college knicked it. Gutted. I would still be wearing that top now.


1998 – I had clearly discovered Rimmels Pressed Powder (scary white face alert!) to go with my Fudge Brownie and Heather Shimmer lipstick (you totally had one too right?), and went overboard. A continual feature in my 90’s wardrobe was the tight top (or in this case crop top) paired with a baggy trousers. My hair was suitably shaggy (I’m looking at you Ms Aniston and Ms Cox) and my waist was a lot smaller back then.


1999 – Remember those plastic chokers that were supposed to resemble a tattoo or something? What were they about?! My eyebrow plucking skills were also rather questionanble then too, but then I guess most teenage girls go mental with the tweezers at some point. I like my top though.


1999 – Yet again with the baggy trousers, but now they are worn with the most comfortable footwear I have ever owned. I loved these trainers so damn much that when they wore out, I bought the exact same pair again. Here I am wearing my latest favourite purple sunglasses, I was rather fond of them. And I am wearing a wrap-around ballet top which I still own and really need to style again somehow.


How was the late 90’s for you style-wise? Any favourite trends you can remember?


  1. Those plastic chokers take me right back! Also the combats – I recall never being out of them for several years. I had a Power Rangers backpack in this same year, in my first year at college. What. a. fud. I must have been!

    1. I wore baggy trousers for years and years and years until a friend finally pointed out that I was a Goldsmiths student and it was all about the skinny jeans now. Ha!

  2. Heather shimmer and coffee shimmer lipstick were 90s teenager staples. I wore combats all the time, with skate shoes (which i still own) and three quarter sleeve tops/vest tops.

    Oh, those plastic chokers. We thought we were so cool…

  3. Yep coffee shimmer lipstick here, although I was wearing it a few years earlier (not that I’m boasting about setting a trend, I’m just older than you!) I was at University 95 – 98 and lived in combats and teeny weeny cropped tops, hair in bjork knots, Vans or Acupuncture trainers… also had inflatable crap everywhere in my room, although most of that was bought for me. Chairs, photoframes…

    1. My friend bought me an inflatable photoframe as a school leaving present – I thought it was the most innovative thing I had ever seen!

  4. I remember being like, 8 years old and desperately wanting one of those chokers to be like ‘the big kids’! I seem to remember you could get anklets the same as well…

  5. I am really loving this series of posts! I had heather shimmer and also black cherry. Of course back then we all were obsessed with body spreay – charlie and impulse that was disgustingly vanillla-ry! Oh and CK One! Clueless and Friends have a lot to answer for in the 90s for all subsequent fashion fails!

    1. I was so jealous of my friend who had the black cherry lipstick. it never crossed my mind to just get one for myself. doh!

  6. Oh my god, this post totally took me back. Hands up to heather shimmer (and, of course, the coffee shimmer too). Fran, you have it completely spot on with the impulse vanilla and CK One in the latter half of the 90s. There was probably some Body Shop scent going on for me too!

  7. Wowsers….its like I’m right back there again! I was not quite as style adventurous as you, and I left school in 1998, so that autumn and then 1999 were my first two years at college….I remember wearing *alot* of combat trousers that looked like I’d sewed a whole paracute together, lots of chunky knits and polo shirts….also it was all about the long dress/skirt and denim jacket combo for yours truly….always worn with either boots that looked like trainers, or trainers….I dont think I wore a proper pair of shoes outside of parties for about four years!

    But I remember those chokers well and used to be gutted that my neck didnt fit them! Also I too seemed to own a fair bit of inflatable items…..what was that? I also had a lava lamp…yup, I was cool!

  8. 1998 me is deeply jealous of your 1998 top and combats combo.

    I also remember the girls at my school who worse satin combats to the skate park and wondered why it was obvious they did not skate…

  9. Oh myyy!!! I had completely forgotten about the plastic neckband tattoo looking thing!! I have a school picture wearing one of those… oh 90s…

    I love these throwback posts you do! 🙂

  10. Holy crap this post is SPOT ON. I’m in Sweden and fashion looked exactly the same here! Where did all this highly questionable fashion fads come from?

    I was seriously craving a Shaun the sheep bag but never got one because they sold out.

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