Back in the Day: The Early 90’s

It is time for the next installment of Back in the Day, a selection of sartorial choices from way back when I was knee high to a grasshopper.

Today I am sharing a few of my favourite outfits from the early 90’s. A time when my rebellious side started to rear its crazy head.

1991 – With my little brother before attending some kind of party or christening perhaps?  I am wearing a petrol blue shiny taffeta-like dress with cute white collar and a rather oversized cardigan. Look at how young I started accessorising?! I have large faux-pearl clip-on earrings and and a large bow in my hair. I was ready to party!

1992 – For some reason, that I cannot remember, I decided to do away with wearing the obligatory white blouse to school that year. Instead I chose to wear a light denim shirt and accessorised with a large pink sparkly headband.  It’s funny, because I was the only kid at school dressed like this, and yet not once was I ever told off. I guess they knew I was a stubborn mule back then.

1994 – My blatant flouting of the school uniform rules continues. Instead of wearing the official navy sweatshirt with logo, I wear my own navy cardigan so I could show off my gazillion items of jewellery (yep, that is a yin yang necklace you can see there). And instead of wearing a navy skirt like the rest of the girls I decided that it was too cold in the winter and insisted on wearing black (not even navy) trousers. I was all about the jewellery back then and would rattle my way into school every day. By this stage I was placed on the naughty table because I was too damn chatty for the rest of the class. It didn’t stop me.

1994 – My birthday party and I am now wearing the standard early 90’s style choice of bright graphic print t-shirt with a waistcoat over the top. I finish this off nicely with my yin yang necklace, my 90’s staple, and a mood ring (remember those?).

So there you have it, my early 90’s style choices that were often at odds with school rules, but I have never really been one to follow those. Please tell me that you indulged in some yin yang jewellery in the early 90’s too. What were your favourite early 90’s clothing choices?

  1. I am not sure if I can differentiate my crazy young “style” to a specific period of the ’90s. It ranged from “ski pants” to white (practically see-through) culottes (not sure what my mother was thinking when she let me out the house), often teamed with a bon-jovi band tshirt and I think my fake doc martin and floral baby doll dresses were also part of that stage. Oh and I definitely had a mood ring.

  2. I’m surprised you got away with breaking the rules like that! It would have been great if you had those clip earrings from when you were little on the rest of your pictures haha!

  3. I definitely had the yin yang necklace too! I also had many smiley face clothing pieces… although that was kind of on the border of early to mid 90s… ooh man..

  4. So fun to see old pictures like this! You were such a fashionable kid. I love how it’s all things that would be super cute now, that dress would be so adorable & you totally rock that big belt & sparkly headband!

  5. Brilliant!

    I also had an array of waistcoats that were worn over t shirts and, gulp, body suits. One of them that I particularly liked that was printed floral velvet and had a matching floppy brimmed hat (Blossom was my fashion idol)

  6. Wow this takes me back! I think I may have worn all of the above! I also happened to have some very fetching cycling shorts, LA Gear trainers with the obligatory 3 laces in each trainer! A lot of fluoro going on! Shell suits. Floral jeans (which have made a come back!) An array of plastic dummies. Also did anyone collect Trolls or was that just something weird at my school?!? And of course no outfit was complete without a mood ring. As soon as I’d watched the film My Girl I had to have one!
    Thanks for the flashback Elizabeth 🙂

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