Bacon Connoisseurs Week

Bacon Samples

It is Bacon Connoisseurs Week, hoorah! As a very passionate bacon connoisseur myself I am particularly excited about this themed week.

Just check out some of my bacon recipes I have already shared and there is still more to come (one day…)

I was sent some samples of shortlisted bacon for the Bacon Awards this year. Best post ever! There was so much bacon to enjoy, it was amazing.

But what is the verdict?

Well, it’s hard to choose a favourite actually because each of the shortlisted bacon samples would work best in different dishes. And as I eat bacon in various of ways this is rather useful. These are the sample I tried:

  1. Midland Bacon – Wiltshire Cured Back Bacon flavoured with Sweet Chilli
  2. Heston from Waitrose Vanilla Back Bacon
  3. Denhay Farms, Dorset – Dry Cured Smoked Back Bacon
  4. Ludlow Food Centre Ltd, Ludlow – Beetroot & Black Pepper Back Bacon

 The Sweet Chilli Bacon would be perfect in my Bacon Pasta recipe and the Vanilla Bacon would be amazing with pancakes and maple syrup. I think the Denhay and Ludlow bacon would be best for a classic bacon sarnie, they have a great meaty flavour and nice thick cut. I recommend them all.

Remember, bacon is for life not just for breakfast!