Bank Holiday Fun

It was Bank Holiday Monday today and thankfully the weather was listening, it was bright sunshine-y day. I leapt out of bed realising what an opportunity this was and we headed off to the a new (to us) Car Boot Sale just outside of Birmingham (near the Belfry if you’re interested). It was a much better Car Boot Sale than last weeks at Furnace End, there was a bigger selection of real ‘Booters’ and less Traders. And I managed to pick up a couple of vintage bits – a red cocktail spritzer thingiemajig and a 70’s melamine tray. Hoorah!

As I am low on pennies and trying to be healthy I am trying to cook all of my meals at home. So for lunch I made up a batch of Mexican-style Pork with a side of guacamole. For a dish that is entirely made up it is not half bad at all. Maybe I will make it again and remember to take a photo so I can share the recipe on the blog.

Car Boot Sale

sunshine in birmingham

With bellies full we took a walk around the canals nearby enjoying more the sunshine. It was getting mighty warm out there! I really did not think through this temperature when putting on my opaque black tights this morning. Ooops! Nevertheless, it was simply wonderful to feel the sun on my face. Finally! Sunshine! Yey! All the exclamation marks!!!!!

ice cream

Then for some evening entertainment we popped by the cinema to watch Iron Man 3. It was rad. I like the Marvel films of late. The special effects just get better and better – they are pure entertainment. And there was a bit when Gwyneth Paltrow got a bit kick-ass, it was rad. She should do that more.

So all in all, Bank Holiday for me is all about thrifting, cooking yummy food, strolling in the sunshine and enjoying some mindless entertainment on the big screen.

Hope everybody has enjoyed the long weekend and here’s to kicking some butt on this short week, yeah!