Beautiful Ethical Shoes


Sometimes you just need to laugh out loud, even when there isn’t anything particularly funny to laugh about. Just the act of laughing releases all those happy-happy feeling endorphins to help you feel good.

That was me when taking photos for this outfit shoot this week. I enlisted the help of my brother for a change, and for somebody who rarely takes photos I think he did a rather splendid job. It probably also helps that we have exactly the same sense of humour and roughly 30 years of in-jokes to keep ourselves amused.

I say this a lot, but I really do feel so fortunate to have siblings that make me laugh. I have 4 all together and they are rad. Lucky me indeed.


Now, to the outfit. Today I want to share with you the shoes I was gifted whilst I was over in Edmonton recently. One the first morning there we were treated to breakfast at Poppy Barley to meet the co-founder, Kendall.

Poppy Barley is a gorgeous boutique shoe brand that focuses on high quality materials and practices along with a unique measuring system to help find the right shoe fit. It is an ethical company that works with family-owned factories in Mexico.

From the Poppy Barley site:

This product was made by skilled artisans in small, family-owned factories in León, Mexico. We screen all our factories to ensure positive working conditions, including a living wage, full-time permanent employment with benefits, reasonable working hours, vacation and sick benefits, and ongoing training and opportunity.

It truly is ethical luxury at its best.


Over copious amounts of fresh coffee and the most delicious cinnamon bun I’ve tasted, the five of us ladies chatted about all things entrepreneurial, digital and business. It was possible one of my most inspiring ways to start a morning.

I was super impressed with the Poppy Barley ethos and their focus on provenance and people. They are not only hip but they are a great example of a modern business.

To be gifted a pair of their black mules was a wonderful treat. These are a deliciously soft nubuck fabric in a true black. The fact they are mules is a ideal for me as I have weird bony ankles and always end up with shoes rubbing or causing sores. This totally solves that. But unlike a traditional mule design this shoe has a small lip at the back that helps keep the shoe in place. Genius, eh?


As for the jumper dress. I fear it might be a marmite kind of dress. I love it. The other half and my bro hate it. What do you think?


Jumper Dress – Monki via ASOS
Shoes – Poppy Barley