#BEDM 2014


It’s the 1st of May which means just one thing … it’s the start of Blog Every Day in May – #BEDM! Hoorah!

My first post is a short video I’ve made for you, sharing my thoughts on the Blog Every Day initiative and why I think blogging every day is ideal for creativity.

Blog Every Day in May has just got started. Over 100 bloggers from all over the world have now signed up for this awesome blogging challenge. And the best thing about it is just how community focused the challenge really is.

Each day a new topic is set on the blogging calendar, or bloggers can choose to blog their own topic. Either way, the sole purpose of the challenge is to get a blog post out every day for one whole month.  We share our posts on twitter with the hashtag #BEDM, comment on one another’s posts and share the blog love. It’s a great experience all round.

I love how enthusiastic the #BEDM participants are. Every time, I see new friendships formed, bloggers grow creatively and a new vigour for blogging emerges. It’s wonderful to behold.

There is still time to sign up if you want to get involved (sign up here), and do check out the #BEDM hashtag on Twitter for all the brilliant new posts going up today.

If you have yet to do so, do follow me on Twitter here –> @rosalilium. That would be rad.

Today’s topic is ‘What is your blog all about?’

If you’re new to Rosalilium do check out this page as a starting point. But in essence this a personal lifestyle blog sharing my daily adventures, travel, recipes, home DIY’s, fashion, photography, thrifting and more. It’s a constantly evolving space on the internet but concentrates on finding the positive in every day life.

Thanks for watching and happy #BEDM day!


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  1. Great video!

    Looking forward to the challenge and trying to start up my blog and gain some momentum.

    There seems to be nice community so feeling more motivated to get back on track.


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  4. Shall we not focus on the fact that I failed to complete BEDM last year, and then monumentally failed to complete BEDN back in November? Let’s NOT dwell on that. Let’s just say that I am totally going to ace it this year, like a blogging MACHINE I tell thee. Good luck everyone, I’m really looking forward to keeping up with everyones posts… a COMMENTING machine too, that is what I shall be 🙂

  5. Thanks for the challenge again, Liz! I thoroughly enjoyed the BEDN, so looking forward to doing it again. Thanks to for the fab themes for every day.G

  6. I’m so excited to be a part of this challenge! Thank you for hosting, look forward to reading everyone’s posts!

  7. Great video!
    I’m looking forward to the challenge, I’ve definitely been stuck in a bit of a rut recently.

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  9. Oh hecky, I’ve just seen this and I’m already late! I’d love to join in, but we are on our jollies for the last week of May too. Maybe I could join in with “Blog EveryDay (I can) In May”?

  10. So excited to take part in my first Blog everyday challenge & it will be great reading everyone else’s posts as well! Fantastic idea 🙂

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