#BEDM – One Whole Month

Wahoo! Blog Every Day in May has been brilliant. I was so surprised that so many Bloggers wanted to get involved in my little challenge, and to varying degrees we have made it! Whether you managed 5 posts or 31, it’s the taking part that counts. And I am sorry to say I didn’t actually complete my own challenge, ooops! I’m afraid ‘life’ stuff cropped up that pulled me away for a week and that just threw everything out of sync. Still, I did as much as I could and posted twice on some days. I almost did Blog Every Day in May.


But the most important thing I have taken away from this challenge is the wonderful community that #BEDM created. Watching the support, encouragement and general chit-chat amongst the participants has been so inspiring. I’m rather proud. Is that allowed? Am I allowed to be proud?


The second lesson I take away from this is that planning ahead really is useful to keeping up with my blogging commitments. I have A LOT to say and it feels like I don’t have enough time to share it all. But when I was able to set aside time to plan my topics in advance and blog in one big chunk of time was much more effective. It was also helpful when ‘life’ stuff happens and throws my routine.

New Folk

Finally, I have met some rad new folks and found some fascinating new blogs. It has been great that this challenge has crossed genres of blogging. It has brought together Bloggers who might not have found each other before. And for that, I am very grateful.

Sooo… what are we all going to do now?

Well, I have a huge backlog of Birmingham stuff to get blogging about and I’ve been feeling rather inspired lately. I have no doubt that Blognix next week will further add to that inspiration list so watch this space for plenty of blogging fun!

Oh, and who’s up for doing it all over again in November? #BEDN has a similar ring to it doesn’t it?


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  1. Yes- definitely up for #BEDN! And in agreement on the planning- scheduled posts made a huge difference to ensuring I could blog every day.

  2. Thank you for organising BEDM! I may not have done it justice but I have enjoyed it!
    I’m thinking ‘Yay! BEDN!’…if I start now I may get it organised enough to schedule my posts next time!
    Another thing, if you get a chance…is it possible to turn up on the day of Blognix? I know it shows there are tickets still available on the website, but I’m not too good at advanced ‘stuff’!
    Hope to get to meet you sometime in Brum!
    Z xx

    1. Hey Zoe,

      I’m afraid it is advance tickets only for Blognix. For health and safety reasons as well as catering we need all attendees to book before the day. Hope you can still make it! Would be great to meet you.


  3. huge thanks to you for organising all of this.. i have found my blogging voice again and met some rather lovely folk on the way – success 🙂 x

  4. It’s been such a brilliant challenge – I’m sad it’s over! Thankyou for setting it all up!! Xo

  5. Thanks for setting up the challenge – Like yourself life sort of got in the way – but I learnt things about how I like to work – so Big Thanks for that -Cherry x

  6. Thank you for organising, I don’t think I’ve thought in such detail about what to post and it’s been interesting to put together the posts and tackle something different! I was pretty shocking at keeping up and I’ve missed a few days here and there but I’m still going to write and post them as I had some great ideas but work and home was manic.

    And of course it’s been great to find so many other blogs through the challenge, I have so many new links to read I’ll never be complaining about being bored!

    Victoria x

  7. I really enjoyed the challenge but didn’t manage to post every day. It was really nice to have topics to follow and I found that I really enjoyed writing about different subjects. I’d definitely do it again (it’ll give me the opportunity to get organised and post everyday!)

  8. I will ABSOLUTELY be up for BEDN, I still can’t believe I managed to stick to this one though! Proud! Thank you for making it all happen!

  9. Yay lets do it again in Novemeber!!

    Thank you so much for organising BEDM and I look forward to meeting you on Saturday! Very excited for Blognix!

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