How To Have Better Posture: Testing the Upright Go Device

Upright Go

If there is one thing I would go back and tell my younger self it would be to sit up straight! That, and don’t frown so much. Both are signs of carrying the weight on my shoulders and feeling mentally heavy. But I am certain that years of blogging and freelancing full-time on just my laptop has led to some pretty poor posture.

It’s only the past few months that I’ve had a proper large computer screen for my desk (thanks to my husband for his functional wedding gift!) and I did have a desk set-up consultation recently as well to give me a few pointers on creating a physically healthier workspace.

Physical adjustments aside, I have some bad bodily habits that result in me slouching way more than is healthy for both my posture and my insides. With a history of bad back pain I know all too well how much I should be doing to ensure my spine is healthy, my core is strong and my posture correct. And yet, bad habits die hard and I sometimes feel the twinge when I start getting weak again.

Last week the folks at Upright Go got in touch to ask if I’d be interested in a long-term review of the device they’ve created to help train your posture. With all that I’ve mentioned above it felt like the perfect opportunity to try something that is super relevant to me, might interest you, and a chance to really try it out.

Today I want to share with you my first impressions as I’ve just received the Upright Go and used it for a couple of days. I will then continue to use the Upright Go device and app for the next 30 days or so and will report back with my results and findings.

Upright Go Posture Trainer

What is the Upright Go?

The Upright Go is a personal posture trainer. It consists of a small white device with a reusable sticky attachment. The device connects to an app on your phone (both Apple and Android) which you set up with your own personal details such as weight, height, level daily activity and current posture.

You stick the Upright Go device to the top of your back and click it on.

The app then has two modes – training and tracking. In training mode the device measures your posture and as soon as you start to slouch it emits a short vibration to remind you to sit straight.

Upright Go App

Based on the data you give the app it calculates a training programme for you which increases the amount of time you have to sit straight per day. The idea is that over a course of time your body starts to better posture.

After the training session has finished you can switch to tracking mode and leave the device on. In tracking mode the device and app measure your posture over a length time which you can then go to the app assess. Using graphs and pie chart the app illustrates a percentage of time of when you were upright or slouching, and at what time of day. In theory it should help you understand when you posture is getting weaker.

First impressions of the Upright Go

The Upright Go comes in a box just bigger than the size of my palm. It’s a petite box and nice simple and functional packaging. Inside the green box there is a welcome pack that includes the user manual, spare adhesives and alcohol pads. Within the main box there is a black travel case used to store the Upright Go device and a charging cable.

Upright Go PackagingUpright Go UnboxingUpright Go Device

The device itself is about thumb-sized and curved rectangular. On the back side there is a sticky adhesive and on the front is a button and small green light.

To get started I downloaded the app and input a few personal details, which all in all took a matter of minutes. The next step was to calibrate the Upright Go device. I simply peeled off the protective plastic and stuck the device on the top of my back.

The app helpfully walks you through each step of setting up the Upright Go. I found it super easy to use and within 5 minutes or so I was starting my first training session.

Upright Go App Set UpUpright Go Calibration

For the most part, wearing the Upright Go made me more aware of my posture. But towards the end of the training session I did start to slouch a  little and the app did its short vibration reminder. The vibrations can be set to your taste, with tweaks to a pattern, sensitivity and delay.

I found the app data fascinating to look through and note when I was slouching and when I was upright. I imagine that over time this will prove super useful for training my posture to a better position.

Upright Go Calibrate

The adhesive that allows it to stick to your back is sticky enough that it stays in place but is easy enough to remove. I didn’t notice any residue remaining after I took it off, and I can vouch that it stayed in place for a couple of hours whilst I worked at my desk, did some chores, and even went out to the shops!

Of course, wearing the device under clothes is going to make it protrude a little. So that may be a consideration for you. But my hair was long enough to cover any bump whilst I was out and I was only vaguely aware that it was there.

Upright Go Posture Training

The alcohol wipes included in the box are to help refresh and keep it clean. Apparently after time the hypoallergenic adhesive will ‘run out’ so to speak so there are spares included, and the user manual explains how to replace it.

What’s next

Clinical studies have shown that repetition plays a significant role in habit formation. The training sessions are designed as such to help

For the most part I will be wearing the Upright Go at home, specifically when working at my desk as this is when I find my posture deteriorates the most over time. Of course, the Upright Go can be used for sitting, standing and walking so I will try to use for other activities when I can.

Upright Go Posture Device

As far as I know the Upright Go is the only posture wearable tech on the market at the moment, so this really is an exciting device to try out.

Having looked at the price point for the device I think it’s a great value for money item and with cost-per-use you’re going to get some great benefits for your money. Of course, I’m only at the beginning of my posture training journey so I will report back in a few weeks to let you know how I get on.

Upright Go Review


The Upright Go is available at the Apple Store or online here.

Also on Amazon here



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