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Today’s Blog Chat topic is all about branding your blog. With just a few simple tips to implement you can begin to build a strong brand with online identity easily to relate to and understand.

Big businesses have been using branding to encourage customers to return to their products time and time again. The likes of Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Starbucks and Apple are experts in associating values to their brand mission statements and these values inform all of their branding choices from colours, logos, tone of voice and associations. These same principles can be applied to your blog to help build an instantly recognisable blog brand that will get readers wanting to visit your blog more often.

Some of these tips are for beginners and some of them are useful for up-and-running bloggers who need some ideas for streamlining their branding.

6 Tips for Branding Your Blog

6 Tips for Branding Your Blog

1. What’s in a name?

When choosing a name for your blog try and pick an original name. Google your potential name to check the name hasn’t been taken already. If you can buy (I use 123-reg to buy my domain names) if you can because users are most likely to add .com to any website name they look for. Otherwise a .org .net or should be fine, but you might want to mention this on your blog.

Try to choose a name that is short, sweet and memorable. Ideally you want it to be easy to spell and pronounce (I should know, Rosalilium is the first thing people ask me to pronounce when they meet me – oops!). If possible choose a name that is relevant to your niche.

2. What’s the point?

Have a quick brainstorming session to narrow down the purpose/niche of your blog.  What keywords would be relevant to sum up your blog topics and content? Think about what your blog mission statement would be. This can evolve over time but it helps you to think about your blog in specific terms. It’s also useful to include your mission statement on your About page.

3. Design elements

Create a style guide for your blog. Include a few chosen colours (try colourlovers for colour and palette inspiration), two fonts, any custom graphics, photography style and your header banner. Keep a note of these choices so you can create a pleasant looking blog for your readers to enjoy. Bear in mind your brand values or mission statement and make design choices that reflect this.

4. Consistency is a key

Be consistent across your blog and social media channels. Use the same colours, fonts and tone of voice so your readers know what to expect.

5. Publicity

Get your blog out there! There are a number of ways to publicise your blog, from sharing on social media, to commenting on other blogs and building a network of fellow bloggers. You could also consider guest blogging on other blogs, think about creative collaborations and go to blogger meet-ups or events.

6. Commenting

When you are commenting on other blogs include your blog name within your name such as Elizabeth@Rosalilium or Elizabeth (rosalilium). This helps the blogger and readers recognise who you are.

Branding takes time but with some consistency and perseverance your readers will begin to understand your brand: who you are and what your blog is about.

What do you think makes a great brand?


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  1. I have just made the decision to move away from the .blogspot blog I have and move to a custom domain. I have the decison now whether I host the new domain on blogger or keep the .blogspot one live and redirect people to the new domain through the final post there. It’s a toughy…….I’ve bought the and .com and plan to 301 redirect them both to the same domain. x

  2. Great post! Just thinking about setting up a be blog after a few years away so these are handy tips to refresh my mind. Do you have any recommendations for logo/header creating tools? Do you know of any free online tools or will I have to reacquaint myself with InDesign / get someone to design for me? Thanks, Fran x

  3. Hi, my blog name is certainly not good branding but it is memorable at least! As for my brand? I don’t think I have one. Nor a niche really. I just write about what interests me (usually music, books and food). I did recently revamp the look of my blog though to make it fresher and more “me” and less just an out of the box blogger blog. If I can figure out how to make it pretty on wordpress I may port it over but after making it look so much prettier on blogger I’m not in a rush at the moment!

  4. I am still very new to blogging and feel like I’m 95 years old when I am trying to figure bloggy things out! I cam up with my blog name and loved it, but didn’t want to lose the name I had been using for twitter and other things, so I use both. I realise that this is possibly not a good idea, but haven’t been sure where to go with it. ho hum.

    Giddy Aunt Lola ( blogging over at See what I mean?!

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