Blog Chat: Subscription Lovin’

  • How do you subscribe to your favourite blogs?
  • How do your readers find your blog?
  • Do you make it easy for your readers to find you and stay updated on all your awesome blog posts?

Today we are talking about getting down and dirty with our blog subscriptions. Because just like spice is the variety of life, you need to make sure you offer your readers a range of different ways to follow your blog. We all have our preferred methods and you could be missing out on blog subscriptions if you aren’t offering a range of opt-in subscriptions.

5 Subscription Options for your Readers:

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds allow a user to subscribe to your blog feed through a number of different platforms. The most popular until recently was Google Reader but there are a number of others that use the RSS feeds to syndicate your blog posts to their reader. I know a few readers transferred their feeds over to Feedly. You can syndicate your RSS feed by using a service such as Feedburner which also allows you to track how many subscribers you have.

Email Subscription

I offer my readers the chance to receive the latest blog post directly into their email inbox on a daily basis. This method uses the RSS option as detailed above and was simple to activate via Feedburner.


Many Bloggers migrated their blog subscriptions over to Bloglovin’ following the closure of Google Reader. It is one of my preferred options for following my favourite blogs. Bloglovin’ has some great features including a like option and the ability to group blog subscriptions into the categories. So if you like to follow fashion, beauty and craft blogs you can categorise as so and read each category at your leisure. Tis rather exciting for nerdy folks who like to categorise everything!

Social Media

Some of your readers will like to follow your blog via their preferred social media channel so it’s ideal to keep your followers updated on new posts via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. Pinterest is also a great way to generate traffic from new users too. I think my third highest referrer to Rosalilium is Pinterest, it’s totally worth sharing the images from your posts on there.

Email Newsletter

I have recently started following a few personal development blogs via their email newsletter and it’s not half as spammy as I thought it might be. This is a great way to connect and chat directly with readers in their inbox. The best newsletters are weekly or bi-monthly and include extra bonus content or something a bit snazzier and special.


What is your favourite way to follow a blog? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Some of the best ideas happen there!


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  1. I usually follow with bloglovin but follow some of the update at least twice a day blogs just on twitter as I get overwhelmed when my feeder is too full.

    I don’t give many options for following bar bloglovin really but that is because I’m still not sure my blog counts!

  2. I was actually wondering lately how often should I send email notification, for a moment I send it after every post, but I was wondering if that’s too much if there will be more than 2 posts a week.

  3. I didn’t think I’d miss Google Reader so much, but nothing comes close to it. I transferred all of my subscriptions over to Feedly and one day they’d all disappeared! So now I’m actually back to good old bookmarks – folders & folders of them.

  4. Hi lovely,
    I have built an email iist by writing a weekly newsletter, offering my e course as a freebie, and also an ebook. I offer readers RSS if they want updates as they come, and send special offers and codes via my subscription list. X

  5. I use Bloglovin, but have added the GFC gadget to my blog in case people still prefer to follow with that.

    I’d like to eventually do an email newsletter, but not sure how to go about setting one up.

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