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Back due to not-so-popular demand, or rather, I remembered the challenge I started 5 years ago and fancied getting myself out of a blogging rut… it’s Blog Every Day in November. Or rather affectionately known on social media, #BEDN.

This is an opportunity to get motivated, inspired and accountable to re-boot your blog, boost your content, and generally get some darn good posts out there.

If, like me, you have been blogging for a while, you can sometimes get distracted or lose interest in our blogs. Or perhaps you might get into a creative rut. Or you lose momentum. Or maybe you simply need a kick up the butt.

Perhaps you’re new to blogging and need some inspiration on what to post (see my suggested editorial calendar below). Maybe you’re looking to find new blogs to read, bloggers to connect with. Or you simply want to feel part of the blogging community again.

All of these are great reasons to get on board with Blog Every Day in November.

I started the first blogging challenge back in May 2013 with Blog Every Day in May. We have had hundreds, if not thousands, of bloggers get involved over the past half decade. I’ve always found it such a lovely community challenge to take part in. We see bloggers get excited about their blogs, reaching out to other bloggers taking part in the challenge, and some wonderful connections have been made.

Everyone is just so darn supportive.

Of course, being a challenge, we don’t all manage the full month (spoiler alert: I’m the organiser and I don’t think even I’ve managed every day), but it’s the taking part that counts, and I usually find I create some great, engaging content during the challenge.

If you’re a blogger, new or a long-timer, and you fancy getting involved, read on!


Blog Every Day in November is a blogging challenge. It encourages you to write and publish a blog post every day for the entire month of November. It’s as simple as that.

I will be setting a topic for each day to help inspire you. Or you can choose your own topics. Either way, you blog, you publish, and you share on Twitter (or Facebook, or Instagram) with the hashtag #BEDN. There you will find loads of awesome new blogs to read and a community of other awesome likeminded bloggers.

I started this project simply for a bit of fun and a way to connect with other bloggers. It came from conversations on Twitter where quite a few of my blogger friends were stuck in a bit of a rut. After some thought I decided that a blog every day challenge would be a fantastic way to get creative with the support of other bloggers.

Since May 2013 hundreds of bloggers from all over the world have taken part in #BEDM. They have created fantastic content, found a new blogging community and grown their readership. It is such a fun challenge both personally as a blogger, and as member of the community.


  • Sign up on the Google Docs form below
  • Save the Google Calendar to your own so you can follow the topics every day (just click on the bottom right button to save it to your own calendar)
  • Alternatively, you can check back here for your daily inspiration
  • Grab the Blog Every Day in November badge and pop it in your sidebar so we know who’s taking part
  • Share your posts on Twitter with the hashtag #BEDN
  • And get commenting on fellow BEDN-ers posts and spread the blog love!
  • Enjoy!

Sign up form:



See who else is getting involved:



Calendar for Blog Every Day in November:



Display this badge in your sidebar:

Add this badge:

Blog Every Day in November with elizabeth dhokia


Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I can’t blog every day?

This is meant to be a fun challenge so don’t stress or worry if you miss a day. It’s the taking part that counts. So just keep going!

What if the topic isn’t suitable for my blog?

The topics are totally optional, they are meant to serve as a guide. If you have something else totally rad to write about instead, do that. The main aim is to blog every day, not necessarily follow the topic calendar.

How shall I interpret the topic?

Try to be creative and use the topics as a springboard. Think of alternative ways to blog such as photo diaries, lists, poems, video blogs, mind maps, illustrations…you could even try a podcast.

Oh-em-gee … this blog post isn’t perfect, I’m too scared to publish it!

This is more of a statement than a question, but was repeated plenty last time. I say publish away. I’ve sometimes been surprised by the response to some of my least favourite blog posts in the past. You never know, so just get the posts out there. The more you blog, the better it will be.

Hey! I can’t see the full topic details on the Google calendar?!

You need to hover or click on the topic to reveal the rest of the topic title and the prompts. I recommend saving the calendar to your own Google calendar so you can visit it easily every day.

How can I find fellow BEDN-ers?

Check out the google docs spreadsheet above with all of the participants listed there and follow the #BEDN hashtag on Twitter for the conversation.


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Blog Every Day in November 2018

Are you ready for the challenge to blog every day?

Will you be joining us?

Remember, it’s the taking part that counts!


  1. I tried to add the badge, but it took over my whole page! I’m not technical enough to change it lol. Thanks for the inspiration, looking forward to reading the others x

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry. Something in my theme is adding extra code into the one I shared (the bit about pin image). I’ve taken the code away as it needs tweaking. But the badge is still there if you’re able to figure out how to add it.
      Thanks for joining in though! Hope you enjoy #BEDN! 🙂

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