Blogger Business Coach

7 years of lifestyle blogging, 9 years since my first ever blog, and several years of pro blogging … I know a thing or two about the business of blogging.

Hello, I’m Elizabeth, and I’m your new coach.

Blogger Business Coach

You are a digital creative, a small business, or content creator looking for inspiration. You want to tease out your ideas, formulate a plan to greatness. Your brain is buzzing with a billion and one potential projects but you cannot decide on which path to follow.

You are letting fear hold you back. You are letting the unknown hold you back. You are allowing doubt to creep in, even if you are the most positive person in the world.

Perhaps you are already pretty darn successful at what you do, but there is more. There are other ways to expand the business. There is scope you want to explore.

Whether you are in a rut, held back by fear, or simply needing somebody to hash out the ideas with … I am your woman.

I have a talent for spotting good ideas, throwing a bucketload of enthusiasm at it, plus a good sprinkling of pragmatism. I know how to tease out your inner most thoughts, reframe them, and present them back to you. I have the ability to coach people to their goals.

I have always, always, been the friend and co-worker that people come to for advice. From a shoulder to cry on at school to the Agony Aunt for the Blogosphere (the magazine that is). I have even won an award for my contribution to the community (thank you to the 30 plus collective). I am the one people come to confide in. The one who listens and advises.

My deepest desire is to empower people.

I want to empower you to be the very best you can possibly be.

I want to empower you to build a business you’re proud of.

I want to empower you to set goals, make plans, and work hard for the life that you want.

I want to be your cheerleader, agony aunt, and mentor all rolled into one.

I want to make a difference, and that starts with you!

From today I will be offering three levels coaching packages with the basic one asking for a minimum 6-week commitment.

We will have weekly one-to-one sessions to help guide you towards your goals.

I am offering short and long term coaching for strategy, support and inspiration to take your business to the next level.

Together we will aim to find creative, innovative and sometimes, just straightforward strategies to improve the business of your blog and digital business.

If you would like to know more email me today!