Blogging: 5 Tips for a Better Blog

Super-awesome photos and images

Photos and images on your blog should be big, clear, sharp and bright. Readers will respond well to large images. People are on the move a lot and often will glance over your blog post. Use imagery to illustrate your points and create an engaging atmosphere to your post. Also, note that people are increasingly reading blogs from their phones so your images need to be big and clear enough to see on a small scale.

Check out Junkaholique for photographs that will suck you right in!

Easy navigation

Look at your blog from a reader’s perspective and be really objective. Will they know that you have listed all your social media channels on your about me page? Is it clear how to contact you from your front page? What about your disclosure policies? Or your sponsorship options? What else do you write about?

Make it really simple to use your blog. Display your social media channels and contact details in the sidebar so that if new readers like what they see they can stay in touch. Display your favourite categories and archives so readers can browse your blog further than your front page. It is also nice to add a search bar so that returning readers can find an old blog post or search your content on a particular subject. Make it easy to spend time on your blog.

A Beautiful Mess is a great example of this.

Brilliant ‘About’ page

The first thing I do when I visit a new blog is check out their About Me page. I want to know a bit more about the person behind the blog. So make sure your About page includes a snippet of your personality along with details of what a reader should expect from your blog. It’s a good idea to repeat your contact details here so any potential PR, brands or readers can get in touch if they like what they see. Also, consider linking to some of your favourite posts that you think sum up what your blog is about.

Check out RocknRollBride for a great example of an About Page

Consistency is key

Keep your blog content consistent in terms of the posting schedule, content and tone of voice. This will help build a strong brand identity around your blog and attract repeat visitors. Be aware that consistency doesn’t mean the same, try to keep the content varied and interesting so that readers will come back for more.

I think Delightfully Tacky does this very well.

Helpful SEO

There are a few simple things you can do to improve how search engines view and list your blog. This will improve both your search engine rankings and help your readers find the content they are interested in. If you are new to SEO the first steps to take are: make sure your tags and categories are relevant, name your images and ensure your post title accurately describes the content.


Those are my 5 tips for a better blog. Hope there is something there that will help you and your blog. Let’s make our blogs awesome! And check back next week of that next instalment of Blog Chat.

Have a rad day!


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