Blogging Bootcamp e-courses: the details

Blogging Bootcamp

Blogging folk! You might want to read this.

Following my announcement about the new Blogging Bootcamp e-courses I’ve received a few questions and queries concerning the details of these e-courses. So I figured I’d pop as much of the details down here now so you can have a think and decide which is the e-course for you.

Do feel free to keep asking questions if you’re still unsure!

Blogging Ecourses

What is Blogging Bootcamp?

Blogging Bootcamp is the home to THREE blogging e-courses. Each e-course is aimed at a different stage in a blogger’s journey. I’ve roughly divided the journey in three – beginner’s, established and going pro. Although it’s still likely that skills and expertise will differ within each group, but that’s the beauty of the e-course and taking part in the private facebook forum discussions. Everyone can help each other out.

Yes, but what exactly will be in each e-course?

Beginner’s Breakthrough Blogging is for bloggers who have yet to start the blog or just got it up and running. We will cover the basics and work through building up a solid blog from scratch. Topics will include – choosing a blogging platform, domains and hosting, basic blog design tips, using plugins, finding a niche, choosing content, differences between categories and tags, simple SEO, using images, automation, finding blog friends, and more.

Boost Your Blog is for established bloggers who have all the basics set up. They are looking to refine, streamline and ultimately improve what they are doing. Topics include – understanding and nailing your niche, refining your brand, building a strong voice, writing a kick-ass about page, generating content, maintaining momentum, using effective SEO, building social media presence, optimising for social media, analytics, finances and more.

Broaden and Branch Out is for bloggers wanting to go pro. They have a decent readership and a steady stream of traffic but they are looking to take the next step. Topics include – building your brand, sharpening communication, creating different types of content, seeking collaborations, building relationships with PRs and brands, networking, mailing lists, finances, monetising streams, alternative income streams, and more.

Blogging Ecourses

When do the e-courses start and finish? Is there a lot of time commitment?

The e-courses will open for sign-ups on Monday 8th September. That’s next week! But these are evergreen e-courses. This means you can sign up at any time.

You will receive a new task, challenge or lesson 5 times a week over a 5 week period. Essentially you will get a ‘weekend off’ in between so you can catch up and work on the larger tasks.

The e-courses are self-paced. This means you can work on them whenever you choose.

How will the e-courses be delivered?

The e-courses will be delivered directly your inbox, so you have all the tasks ready for when you are able to work on it. This is also great for referring back to in future.

I’ve taken the Big Blogging Bootcamp e-course in the past, is there any point doing it again?

If you’re asking this question than I say yes! The e-courses have been refined and improved on since you last took it. Some of the tasks remain the same, but as I’ve found in my blogging career you must never stop learning.

How does the Facebook forum work?

I have set up three private facebook groups for each e-course which all bootcampers will be invited to join. There we can discuss the tasks we’re working on, seek feedback, share ideas, and make new blogging friends. The forum is mandatory if you would rather work in your own space. But in my experience active participation in FB groups like this bring inspiration and potential opportunities. Like most things, you will only gain value from this if you put in the effort. So get involved!

Will the Blogging Bootcamp e-courses make me a blogging superstar?

It could do! It is totally down to you and how much work you put into your blog. Every superstar blogger I know is hard-working, committed and passionate about their blog. These e-courses will point you in the right direction, they could be the jumping off point you need. The rest is down to you!

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The nitty gritty

How much will the e-courses cost? – they are £35 per e-course. (That works out at about £1 a day.)

When can I start? from the 8th September onwards.

How long is the e-course? the tasks are sent over a 5 week period

What do I need to take part? just an internet connection, email address and a blog (or be ready to set one up), plus facebook to join the private group (but this is optional).

What is included in the e-course? five weeks of lessons and tasks sent directly to your inbox, a range of tools, resources and free downloads to help you, and access to a private facebook group to discuss your progress and make new blogging friends.

Can I ask another question? sure thing, pop me an email at hello (at)

If you’re ready to learn about blogging, boost your blog or try going pro you can join the interested list here.



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