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Elizabeth from Rosalilium

Blog comments make the Blog world go round don’t they? As a Blogger you might spend hours crafting a brilliant post with beautifully edited photographs, fun and inspiring words and plenty of love. You hit publish and you eagerly await people to read your post. You check your stats and it looks like people are reading, but what are they thinking? Do they like it? Do they agree with you? Do they have an opinion? You watch your email for the first notification of comments. And then bam! There it is. Somebody has taken the time to write a comment on your blog. You feel a sense of satisfaction, pride or just general happiness. It was worth it. Your blog post has been well received. Awesome.

Blog comments can be very important to Bloggers. They make us feel like we are being listened to, they offer a sense of community or friendship. They might teach us something. Or they throw up an entirely new opinion that you hadn’t thought of. There is great value in the blog comments. But what if your blog is not getting as many comments as you would like? What if interaction on your blog is pretty low? How do you get more blog comments?

My key tips for getting more comments on your blog are centered on engagement and networking. You need to put yourself out there (other than crafting a brilliant blog post) in order to get other people to comment and interact with your blog. Here are five tips for encouraging more comments on your blog:

1. Be a top commenter

You need to give to receive, so find some other blogs that interest you and start commenting on their blog posts. You can leave the url to your blog in most commenting systems and the chances are that the Blogger will click through to see who left them that awesome comment. Take a bit of time each day to read a few blogs that you enjoy and leave a comment. You will soon reap what you have sown!

2. Connect on social media

Share your latest blog post on your social media channels. Tell people why your latest post is so awesome and give them a chance to find you and retweet/share/like/+1 your post if they love it.

3. Ask a question

At the end of your blog post pose a question to your readers. It gives them a chance to engage with you directly on your chosen topic. Even if your blog post isn’t the most opinionated of pieces, sometimes blog readers just like to connect over the mundane. For example, you could share some of your favourite picnic items in a fantasy wishlist blog post. It might be just something pretty to look at for many readers but if you ask a question such as ‘what is your favourite picnic item?’ it opens the post out for anyone to get involved with. Encourage interaction on your blog by actively asking for it.

4. Reply to comments

Blogging has a very strong community aspect to it so reply to the people that comment on your blog, especially if they ask you a question. Not only is it polite, but it encourages conversation on your blog!

5. Have an opinion

Often the most engaging posts are the ones that state an opinion of some sort. From the simple to the complex, opinions are the best way to get your readers thinking and wanting to comment on your blog. An opinion can be from simple things like ‘stripes are the best pattern’ or ‘parboiling first makes for the best roast potatoes’ to more in-depth opinions such as ‘print media is dying’ or ‘your shopping addiction is damaging the lives of people in developing countries’. Take a stand and offer people the chance to agree, disagree or even often a different point of view.


Those are just 5 tips on how to get more comments on your blog. If you enjoy the engagement and conversation on your blog then get yourself out there and build the community around your blog!

Is there anything you think I should add to the list?

How do you get more comments on your blog?

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This post is part of a new mini-series called Blog Chat where I will share what I have learnt through several years of Blogging. Hope you like it!


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  1. This is just what I needed – one of my issues with my blog at the moment is that I get quite a lot of readers, but not many comments – so this has given me some things to work on!

    1. Emily, have a look at whether more comments is worth the time it will take to get them for its importance in your marketing strategy.

      I get few comments and I’m not likely to get a lot because of what I post (money and accounting for one man bands). It’s not me, it’s a topic that readers want information that’s relevant to them and fun to read, and comment – not so much.

      And it’s why I comment on LOTS of blogs, I reach out instead of putting work into getting more comments.

      This may not be appropriate for you, I’m more saying this so it’s ok to have that look at your marketing strategy to see what applies to you best.

  2. Thanks for posting this, it’s very timely as we were discussing it on the #weblogdesign chat last night! I’ll share with the folk there 🙂 Great tips – with lots to think about.

  3. I think your post covers it and more importantly, they work! Last time I commented on here, it drove traffic to my site. While I often ask questions at the end of posts, I don’t always get replies on my site. However, some people reply to me on Twitter or Facebook so it definitely works. Great post 🙂

  4. this is brililant – i totally agree about replies; not everyone does it, and sometimes i feel like, if i’ve gone to the effort to comment, the least you could do is reply! i know it’s hard with the built in comment widgets, and especially with no-reply commenters, but even if it’s by twitter, or leaving a reply on a post of theirs, i think you’re keeping the love circle alive! thanks elizabeth!

    1. Hoorah for the Blog Circle of Love! I totally understand how commenting can fall by the wayside sometimes, we just need to a little reminder sometimes to get involved on our own blog!

  5. Numbers 1 and 2 are so important, something I only really realised through Blog Every Day In May. Becoming part of that community on Twitter and commenting on other BEDM bloggers really drove up comments on my own blog.

  6. It’s a funny one isn’t it? I still get surprised/confused by it. Some posts you think will be popular don’t get so many comments and vice versa. Sometimes a post won’t get a comment on the blog but gets loads of responses on twitter. It’s a hard one to fathom and an inexact science really but i think all of your points go a long way to helping. You get what you give.

  7. I think number 4’s really important (although they’re all really good points!). I always comment back to people on my blog and when I was doing the Bonjour Blogger challenge, I did try and make a point of returning to blogs I’d commented on to see if the conversation had continued! 🙂

    I really need to get more into number 2 and tweet/instagram a lot more often – need to get myself a decent smartphone first though, my old Samsung phone is a bit slow and stuttery on the web.

    Thank you very much for the new series as well – it’s always good to learn new blogging tips and advice 🙂 x

  8. Elizabeth, you are SO right. I don’t comment nearly enough and am now going to make more of an effort to do so. I think there are two main reasons I don’t. Firstly I find it hard on my phone to comment on many blogs, and I often read on the go. By the time I’m at a laptop, the moment has passed! Secondly, I often read via the Reader app which makes commenting hard. I do often interact more on social media these days, but knowing how great I feel when I receive a comment, I’m going to do it more!

  9. I comment a lot and reply (though not always immediately) but since linking up with social media I get less comments on my blog and more on twitter and at the moment tweets don’t link…

        1. Be specific. Say something like:

          Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


          I’d love to know what YOU think. Please leave a comment.


          Comments make me happy, feel free to drop by and say hi.

  10. Great post Elizabeth, I would definitely love to receive more comments on my blog posts but now realise there has to be some giving in order to receive!

  11. Being active in the community seems to make the most different to me. The more I’m commenting, the more comments I get back. It’s worth noting that a genuine, thoughtful comment for a reason is the goal here, not just “great post” in the hopes they’ll comment you back.

  12. Comments are dying because it is so difficult for mobile users to comment. Blog owners need to be aware of this and attempt to make it easy to comment – and of course, that all depends on which platform or comment system they use too.

    Great post though – totally agree about community spirit and creating an article that people WANT to respond to.

    1. Can I add as well – create an option so that people get a notification when someone (or the blog owner) replies to their comment or the conversation. I often forget to come back and check unless I’ve been given a prompt. You don’t appear to have that facility on your comments here.

      1. Thanks Nickie!

        Yes, I did have a comment reply notification option for the past two years but it rarely got used. I’d say maybe 5 times in 2 years, so I uninstalled the plugin as it didn’t seem worth slowing my site down for.

  13. When I started to read blogs, I didn’t have an ipad or smart phone so I always read them off my laptop and found it easy to leave a comment. Since getting an ipad, I have been reading even more blogs, but have found it difficult to comment at times, especially when there’s captcha (it doesn’t even work on my phone. I’d type in a huge comment and then screen just freezes when i try to submit the captcha code). I think I’ll make more of an effort to comment on blogs again! x

    1. I think a lot of bloggers using BLOGGER don’t realise that they are making it difficult for people to comment.

      I’m glad you’ve said this, a few people have and I think we need to get the message out there.

    2. I have noticed that commenting on blogger is a bit hit and miss from the iPad, too. I wish I’d known before starting p my blog on this platform!

      And as for captchas…I hate them! I am slightly visually impaired and I often have to pass my laptop over to my husband so that he can decipher them for me. It really sucks when I find an amazing blog and it has captchas.

  14. I’m new to blooging so will use all the tips I can get my paws on! This came at the ideal time for me when I was beginning to take the lack of comments personally (still could be I guess!). I am all about sharing the love, so I will keep doing a bit more of that. Great tips. I will be looking out for more in the series. Merci!!!x

  15. This is a great post! My blog is lacking comments at the moment so fingers crossed they will pick up after i’ve taken these points on board!

    Gemma xXx

  16. I comment on a lot of blogs. What encourages me to comment:

    1. A well laid out blog where its’ easy to find information (when you read a lot of blogs, and a read a lot more than I comment on) you can a feel for what’s organised instantly

    2. Easy posting system where I don’t need to jump through hoops. is my current bugbear as I don’t want to comment with my account as I need it for my website apps, and it’s tricky to comment on blogs without using the log-in using my main work address.

    3. Have a reply button so I can get notifications if anyone else comments after me/replies to my comment. Email please, or Disqus is ok as I can set notifications to receive them through it.

    4. The blogger clearly wanting comments. This is a vibe thing, but I really want to comment on some blog posts as it’s clear the blogger will appreciate the comment.

    5. If your blog gets lots of comments that are mostly ‘that’s great!’ etc, or spam ones – even the spam ones that look like not spam but you can tell they are – no, I’m not commenting. I dont’ want to scroll through all that.

    Picky aren’t I? 😉

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