Blognix is taking over my life

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In January 2013 I came up with an idea. That idea morphed and evolved and eventually became Blognix. And oh my, what a beast it has become!

The initial idea came from the following thoughts running through my head:

  • why are blogging conferences so darn expensive? boohoo….I’m so broke right now but I really want to meet other bloggers and learn awesome shiz.
  • why blogging conferences always in London? I live miles away and travel plus accommodation is too much monies right now.
  • why do blogging workshops and conferences all talk about the same stuff – consistency, engaging, being original – but don’t get down the nitty-gritty about how I can take this blogging game further?
  • why aren’t there more blogging events in Birmingham? The Midlands are much easier to get to from the rest of the UK.
  • why are blogging conferences so darn scary? Meeting new people is totally intimidating and hard work when you’re an introvert.
  • why are the majority of blogging conferences aimed at women or parents? it would be nice to meet other bloggers who don’t fall into just those categories.
  • wouldn’t it be nice to go to a blogging conference that’s friendly, laid-back but chock full of real hardcore advice.

So I asked around on twitter and here on the blog and before I knew it I was organising my blogging event. Eeeek!

Blognix has well and truly taken off into something that I genuinely feel gives great value to the blogging community. A community that I feel tremendously proud to be a part of and one I am very keen to give back to.

So much is changing about blogging and as is the way with the digital world and the general pace of society as a whole, we have to be on the ball and willing to embrace changes and adapt.

And that is why I feel there is the need for a space for bloggers both offline and online to learn from one another, connect with each other and consequently get inspired.

My hopes for Blognix is that it becomes a full on collective of bloggers where they feel positive, strong and inspired by blogging.

It’s a big dream, and I won’t lie it’s pretty hard work (just ask my health, it’s not happy with me right now!), but sometimes you when you know something needs to happen and you want it to happen for the right reasons, then you just have to keep plugging away it.

Which leads me to the primary reason for this post, plugging away at Blognix is pretty much a full-time job (but without the pay, ha!) and that means other areas of my life just can’t have the full attention I would love to give them. So Rosalilium hasn’t quite been getting as much love as I want to give it. I tried my best to keep up #BEDM, my own project no less, but I have to make priorities and right now that is Blognix.

Blognix is well and truly taking over my life right now.

And hopefully it will be worth it.

I have something awesome planned for Blognix that I hope to have ready to announce at the conference. So I need to get my head down and finish that.

But all in all, I just hope that my vision for something brilliant for the blogging community comes from this.

I hope my dear readers can still stick by me if I do disappear for a time from Rosalilium. I am still on Twitter all the time so do pop over and say hi. My sanity would welcome the chitchat!

So for now, a big thank you for supporting and reading my blog Rosalilium. And if you’re coming to Blognix on the 14th do say hi! I can’t wait to meet you.


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  1. Such an honest post. You’re working so hard right now! I’m sure that I speak on behalf of everyone when I say how grateful and excited everyone coming to Blognix is for the amount of energy you’ve spent on it, it’s going to be brilliant. But please don’t damage your health! I’m sure you’ve got a fortnight of lots of stress, but then take a break afterwards if you can. Recharge those batteries, regroup and reflect on the success you will have created.

  2. I am really proud of you for taking this idea forward in such a big way. And if you think about it, you are still working on Rosalilium, as it’s been how you’ve learned your craft. And it IS a craft, you are a brilliant and creative blogger. I await news of both Blognix and your secret project!

  3. I’m seconding Elizabeth and Lisa-Marie. Blognix is the best event of my entire calendar this year. Thrilled to be speaking and there will be nitty gritty and worksheets people!

    Just as importantly to me personally is finally meeting face to face so many of the bloggers I know online.

    Posting less on Rosalilium is a good plan, looking after yourself is important, and I’ll admit I haven’t been reading it as much recently because the time has gone into promoting Blognix 🙂

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