Blognix – What’s it all about?

Today I want to share a few more details and information at the Birmingham Blognix event that I am organising on June 8th. Tis starting to get rather exciting now but lots still to organise on my end, eeek! I must be nuts.

If you missed the news last week, I am organising a Blogger conference with a difference. It is aimed at savvy Bloggers who want to learn, socialise and walk away armed with tools to take their blog to the next level. We have 5 amazing Bloggers covering different aspects of Blogging to share their expertise and there will be plenty of space during the day to really network and get to know each other. It’s going to be a brilliant day.

Why did I want to organise Blognix?

There are quite a few Blogger conferences and workshops being organised all over the country that have been out of my reach due to price. The cost of these events range from £100 to £500 for a one or two day session. And whilst I am sure they might be worth the money and really help Bloggers learn and grow, they are out of my grasp. I simply don’t have the cash at my disposal right now.

So I got thinking about whether it was possible to organise a similar event for a much more accessible price. I wanted it to be as informative as these big conferences so that Bloggers could go away with a notebook filled with ideas and knowledge. Within the day I wanted there to be time and space for Bloggers to chat to each other, chat about Blogging and maybe make new friends. I wanted there to be a novelty fun element that made the day memorable.

And so, I ran a survey on blog to ascertain what my peers might want from a conference. I covered all of the details including price they would be willing to pay, the ideal day and month and what topics they wanted to learn about. I used the data from this survey to design my event. I created Blognix.

What exactly is it about?

Blognix is a Blogger conference in essence. It is a professional event for Bloggers to come together, learn from professionals, connect with their peers and learn enough to make their blogs even better. There will five professionals from the world of Blogging each with expertise to share. There will talks, workshops and social time. There will a fully catered picnic lunch and refreshments throughout the day. All this will take place in the super-awesome venue, The Custard Factory, which will be buzzing on the day with a vintage and antiques fair. Blognix is a full day of learning, inspiration and fun.

Why is there a ticket fee?

Because nothing in life is free? No, seriously, I have been asked a few times why Bloggers have to pay. There has been a bit of an inquisition about why I’m charging for this when other Blogging events have been free. I found this quite bizarre but as I have been asked several times I will answer the question here.

This is a non-sponsored event. It is completely independent. I am not a big company with a large marketing budget and product to sell. This means all of the costs need to be met somehow. I’m sorry, I’d love to be able to pay for lovely Bloggers to have a great day out but I just don’t have those kinds of funds. So I’ve done costings and worked to what the survey results came back with. This is the best I could do. I think £20 is a very affordable price for such a in-depth day. Conferences usually cost at least £100 and professional workshops from £200. For Blognix, you are paying less than going to a gig, or buying dinner, or a designer lipstick. And you are getting a FULL DAY of event.

What will participants get out of this?

For those coming to the event, you will get to learn from experts. You will learn how to work with PRs, how to take your blog to the next level, how to get your blog design right, how to take great photographs for your blog, how to use social media to your absolute advantage. And loads more!

In my experience, every time I meet another Blogger I come away inspired. Every time I meet another Blogger we share ideas, tips and generally bash about our thoughts. Every time I come away with a list of new ideas. You will get this from Blognix. There will time to chat to your peers, I guarantee you will be inspired and learn new things.

Is it worth £20?

100% yes it is worth it. If you could see how much work I am putting in behind the scenes to make this happen you would wonder why the ticket price aren’t costing more?! Of course, I might be biased. But know this, I don’t do anything by halves. When I do something I do it well. This event is going to blow your socks off. So grab a ticket, book your train and let’s get inspired! Because Blogging is rad, yeah.

Tickets for Birmingham Blognix on sale now!

Hope to see you there.

And don’t forget to spread the word!

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