Bonzo the Beautiful Campervan

This beauty is called Bonzo. It is a 1971 Mercedes campervan and it is in great shape. Look at that lovely curved roof and cute little nose, the snug little wheels and  tiny quiff at the back – it is wonderful. The soft brown and taupe exterior perfectly complement the gold and burgundy velour interior. It comes complete with original fixtures including a cute little stove. It is the perfect little getaway on wheels.

I want to live in Bonzo.

For only 6 grand I could get a fully serviced and MOT’ed 1971 campervan with twin diesel engine which I could run on cooking oil and get around 60p a litre! Bargain (and if I got used cooking oil from a chip shop, strained it and used it, it would be about 6p a litre).

I can think of few finer pleasures than cruising along in my campervan, exploring the lands, meeting new people, pottering about and taking the slower pace in life. Ah, if only I had a spare £6,350 in my back pocket….

Until my dreams of having my own campervan can become a reality, I just wanted share this was wonderful machine with you.

  1. Oooh I sooo want a campervan too!! It would be soo lovely travelling round the country with the doggies in tow 🙂 Bonzo looks great x

  2. I want it so much. I'd happily live in it.
    I'm desperate to get a couple of girls together and go off in something like this for a month or so. I can't drive though. Pah!

  3. Hello, new follower, Paper Heart girl – thanks for joining the party.

    Thrifty Mrs – I can't drive either, I am hoping to start lessons this year….finally.

  4. This my friend, is what dreams are made of. Oh the Summer. The Van. The tunes. The picnics in the countryside.

    One day, one day…Xx

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