Breakfast Date in London

Recently I went down to London for an early breakfast launch of the brand new Aveeno® Body Yogurts range and I would love to share with you a bit about the event and what I learned.

It was a super early start as my alarm stunned me awake around 5 am. Thankfully I had prepped the night before so it didn’t take too long to get myself ready and call a taxi to the train station.

Bleary-eyed, along with the rest of the commuters down to London, I boarded my train at Birmingham New Street, found my seat and settled down for the all-too-familiar journey to the capital.

I was soon wide awake when I arrived into the Euston station late, thanks to the train being delayed into the station. As I approached the escalators down to the underground I saw well over a hundred people queued up. At the front of the queue, a man in a high-vis uniform was blocking the escalator. London rush hour was in full swing and it looked like I wasn’t getting on a tube anytime soon.

Looking at the time and realising I was running far too late for my liking, I decided to just walk the remainder of the journey to Covent Garden.

Thankfully after many years living, studying and working in London I know the back streets of the West End pretty well. So I made my way down past my old university, past the British Library and onwards to my breakfast appointment.

It was one of those glorious spring mornings. The kind where the air is crisp but the sun is bright. It was perfect for the 25-minute walk. I picked up the pace and made a full power walk moment of it. It was a health-conscious event I was heading to after all.

Neals Yard London

26 Grains London Cafe

Soon enough I turned the corner into Neal’s Yard and found the gorgeously hip cafe, 26 Grains, the location of the Aveeno® launch.

Feeling flustered from the walk I took a moment to sit outside the cafe and sip on the delicious coffee I had been presented. The coffee was bright and peppy, ideal for a morning wake-up call. As I enjoyed my caffeine hit I was presented with a slice of cake and a smoothie.

Cake 26 Grains London

The cake was a yogurt-drenched oat, honey and apricot cake perfectly themed and mirroring the new moisturisers from our hosts Aveeno®. Made with oats, spelt and ground almonds, it is ideal for those looking to eat alternative grains. This is exactly the premise of this cafe, it has a strong focus on other grains and fresh ingredients – totally my kind of eating establishment!

Once I’d caught my breath I went for a mingle with the other guests and got chatting to both a nutrition therapist and a dermatologist. As we were at an Aveeno® event, a skincare brand formulated with oats, the conversation did turn to the benefits of this tasty grain. Turns out, oats aren’t just for porridge! Oats have multiple benefits both nutritionally and for the skin.

Aveeno MomentForMe

In terms of nutrition, I found out that oats are a great source of fibre, antioxidants, magnesium and manganese. This means it can help with reducing the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, increase energy production and reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes. All the good stuff then!

For the skin, I found out the oatmeal is great for providing relief for dry skin. Oatmeal can create a protective film to increase skin hydration. Plus, oatmeal granules can act as micro-sponges helping to absorb dirt and dead skin cells. Hello, glow-y skin!

Aveeno Moisturiser

I have used the Aveeno® moisturisers in the past and always found them to be a good solid, reliable product that offers super-soft skin. I’ve especially found it useful during times when my skin feels dehydrated or dull. I was interested to hear about their new products, the Daily Moisturising Body Yogurts and Yogurts Washes.

The concept combines the oatmeal with yogurt concentrate in unique formulas that provide a super intense moisturising experience for your skin.

Yogurt has several benefits including calcium, protein, iodine and vitamin B12 which is incredibly supportive for your health inside.For the skin,

For the skin, yogurt has been used for centuries as face masks, as the nutrients in it are highly rejuvenating.

Aveeno Body Yoghurts

Aveeno® has created two scents for this new range – Vanilla and Oats, and, Apricot and Honey. Both smell incredible! I’ve been trying a few samples since the event and I can vouch for their ability to make your skin feel super soft.

It was great to chat with some experts with totally different professional perspectives all agreeing on the benefits of the same ingredients. Most of all, it was great to chat with a group of people who believe, like me, that wellbeing is a holistic journey that needs nourishment both inside and out.

After lots of breakfast and chat, I bid my farewells and off I went for another nice long walk to round off that super-healthy feeling for the day.


this post was written in collaboration with Aveeno®. all words, thoughts, and opinions are my own. thank you for supporting rosalilium