Being A Non-Mum at BritMumsLive is Not As Scary As I Thought

BritMumsLive 2015

I’m not gonna lie, I did think Mummy Bloggers were going to be a scary bunch … what with their weekend of freedom from the little ones, their talk of nappies, and and the fighting attitude to life (and conference) that only seems comes from time spent taking care of others.

That was my preconception.

Possibly a misconception as well.

Thankfully, I ignored both and grabbed a last minute ticket for last weekend’s #BritMumsLive 2015. A blogging conference held in the centre of London at the rather lovely venue, The Brewery.

BritMumsLive is one of the largest blogging conferences in the country with over 700 bloggers in attendance. As such a blogging enthusiast, it only seemed right I checked out what all the fuss was about.

Champagne Lunch

To start off the weekend my lovely friend Vicki from Honest Mum said “oi, Elizabeth, let’s do champagne, innit”. OK, Vicki doesn’t actually talk like that at all. But she did suggest we start the weekend off in style, and that we did. Along with Renee from MummyTries the three of us met at Kings Cross St Pancras where we supped on champagne, nibbled on delicious food and began the weekend with a rather enthusiastic natter (possibly to the annoyance of the table next to us – sorry, bloggers do love to talk!) about what was to come.

Once we had filled our boots we were ready to set off for Moorgate and begin our BritMumsLive experience good and proper.

Britmums outfit day 1
Outfit of the day no. 1

The venue itself is pretty rad. Think cobbled stone path leading up to an ex-industrial Victorian (?) building, lovingly brought up-to-date and flanked with two canopied outdoor areas decorated in bunting.

Inside the welcoming committee were awaiting. We grabbed our name badges, checked in coats and Vicki was accosted everywhere we went (it was like being with a celebrity).

BritMums founders
The ladies that run the show – Susanna and Jennifer
Taking part in a Guinness Book of Records attempt - we did it!
Taking part in a Guinness Book of Records attempt – we did it!
Victoria Wright – one of my favourite speeches of the event – she is a brilliant woman

I won’t give you a full rundown of the weekend in too much detail as that has been written all over the place. Essentially the weekend is a day and half conference with a short awards ceremony on the Friday night. It started at 2pm on the Friday with just a couple of sessions. And then a full day of further sessions from 8.30am to 5pm on the Saturday.

with Ella and Vicki
Hanging out with Deliciously Ella and Honest Mum

There were 4 main session rooms, a ‘Hub’ where all the sponsoring brands had a stall, and a craft lounge for relaxing in.

My main objective for the weekend was networking. I wanted to meet new people, make some friends and have a few chats with PRs and brands that might be suitable for further work.

A lot of the sessions didn’t necessarily look like much I wouldn’t already know, which was fine by me. But I did catch some good ones.

Ice cream at Joules stand
Eating ice cream at the Joules stand

AptApothecary Talk

The most outstanding session I went to was ‘Photo Styling for Blog Pictures and Instagram’ with Katy Orme from Apartment Apothecary. Her talk was so detailed and filled with valuable tips. I learned so much and totally ready to up my ‘styling’ game for my blog photos.

I heard great things about Lucy’s, from Capture By Lucy, Define Your Design workshop so a little gutted I missed them.

BritMums Panel Talk

I did make it to the ‘How Successful Bloggers Do It’ panel with Vicki, Becky from English Mum and Helen from Knackered Mother’s Wine Club, which was fab.

I also listened in on the Travel Blogging panel which included my mate Michael from Blogstock (which reminds me, I’ve got a 15% off discount code if you fancy coming along with all the cool kids – families welcome! Just click here of use discount code RL15 {disclosure: affiliate link so I might make a quid or something if you purchase your ticket via that link}).

And I did go along to ‘Building Your YouTube Channel’ with Marco from YouTube, most of the advice of which I had already picked up from going to a session at YouTube HQ a few weeks ago.

Sushi Time
Sneaky sushi time at the end of day 1.
Britmums outfit day 2
Outfit of the day no. 2

The only downer of the weekend, for me, was the blogger keynotes at the end of the conference. Those things need to come with a trigger warning! It’s basically a session to close the conference where around 10 bloggers read out their best/most popular blog posts. Some of them are funny, some clever and others a bit too raw for my liking. Not to say they weren’t good posts/speeches. But a few were a bit too close to home for me and bursting into tears in a room full of people I don’t know is not my idea of fun. I had to grab my bags and leave early. The result was me leaving a conference feeling sad, I don’t understand why anyone would want that out of an event. It was a shame really. But I wouldn’t stay for those keynotes at the end if I went next year. It’s not a good way to finish a fun weekend.

With the ladies
Some rather awesome ladies

However, I think the weekend was a success. I met up with a bunch of bloggers I already know such as Capture by Lucy, Red Ted Art, Ana Mum Diary, Love Chic Living, Life As Alice, Le Coin De Mel, Juggle Mum, Side Street Style. I also met loads of fab new (to me) bloggers including Free Range Chick, Oh So Amelia, Brummy Mummy of 2, and so so many more.

Phew! I have undoubtedly missed loads of people off that list. I will get through my stack of business cards and notes and twitter convos to find you all again.

Needless to say I successfully made lots of new bloggy-shaped friends, which is rad.

Nobody was scary, nobody demanded to know where my baby was (well, except for Alice), and nobody made me feel like I didn’t belong.

I got to enjoy my favourite things about blogging – connecting, being inspired and learning new things.

All in all, a success.


(image credit: half these photos are taken by the lovely Vicky at Honest Mum)


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