Do I Like My New Bruno Mattress 4 Months On?

I like sleep. Like, reeeeeally like sleep. Those people who survive on just a few hours and still maintain healthy and efficient lives?! Pah! Unicorns, the lot of them.

Sleep is not only one of my most enjoyable pastimes but it feels darn healthy to be getting my fix of on a daily basis. I am totally one of those people who cannot function without a good solid 7-8 hours sleep.

With that in mind, and my ongoing self-care focus I thought I’d share an update on my new mattress situation with you.


You may remember about 4 months ago I received a new Bruno mattress, I shared an unboxing and first impressions video with you here.

Now that I have had a good few months to test out the mattress I feel confident to share a good, honest review.

What is the Bruno Mattress?

The Bruno mattress is a memory-foam-style (but it’s not actually memory foam) mattress with a removable cover, hypoallergenic latex top layer, and a 7 zone support system. It is made in Germany with the cover being hand sewn in Saxony. The manufacturers use as many sustainable materials in the construction of the mattress and the product comes with a 10 year guarantee.

On paper the mattress sounds fab. Plus the price point is incredibly reasonable for the value of product. Plus, they now have a 101 night risk free trial so you can thoroughly test out whether it’s the mattress for you.

What do we like about it?

Honestly, I am sleeping so much better now since we changed mattress.

The previous one we had was sprung, which meant that every time Raj was fidgeting on turning over in his sleep the entire mattress would move and it would wake me up.

Whereas with the Bruno mattress we’ve found that we can move independently in our sleep and it doesn’t shift the entire bed each time.

I also like that it’s a relatively firm mattress. It feels supportive whether I’m on my back or side, but not too firm that it feels like rock. I think I need to invest in a better pillow though as the ones I have are too soft and coupled with this mattress I do occasionally crick my neck.

The removable cover is a great bonus and certainly reassures my hygiene obsessive ways. It means we can regularly chuck it in the washing machine for extra freshness.

I also like that compared to other foam mattresses this one doesn’t tend to overly store heat. I usually find foam ones can leave me feeling a bit sweaty in the mornings, but the Bruno version is fine.

What’s not so great?

The only downside I can think of so far is the firmness of it which for some people might be a bit much. We like it, and once we’ve got new pillows I think we might have the ideal bed setup.

Final thoughts?

Mattresses can be quite a high ticket item and yet we spend a third of our lives on them. It’s amazing that we don’t get more excited and passionate about these daily use items. I think so many of us get used to poor quality sleeping apparatus and that manifests into physical and mental problems. I have suffered with both bad back and insomnia in the past so I am making my sleeping arrangements to be as conducive to sleeping as possible.

I am pleased to report that I have found a mattress that has not only helped with my sleeping but it is also something I am happy to recommend after several months of daily use. Hoorah!

Check out the website if you would like to know more about the Bruno mattress and go here for a fun unboxing video.