Burma: Inle Lake Leg Rowers

Inle Lake in the morning – where sky meets lake

Many of the inhabitants on Inle Lake rely on this natural resource for their livelihood activities. It manifests in many ways but one of the most eye-catching and fascinating is the fishing. Or rather, the manner in which the fisherman on Inle Lake goes about their work. The traditional fisherman of Inle Lake steers and row their boats using a technique with their legs. They wrap their legs around their oars and paddle about with great balance and strength.

the leg rowers on Inle Lake

It is a stunning sight to behold.

notice the oars wrapped around their legs
legs outstretched around the oars

The was a resounding grace about their activity on the lake. In the bright morning sun with a misty haze still clinging to the mountains, these fishermen quietly and calmly go about their work. The only sound that could be heard on the lake was the diesel engine chugging behind me. Our driver turned it off for a moment so we could absorb the serene beauty around us. At that moment I took a long deep breath and felt at peace.