Calling All Bloggers!

Blogging Bootcamp ecourses

Just a quick heads up that the Blogging Bootcamp is ready for your 2015 blogging action.

It’s a 5-week e-course with weekly breaks (or ‘weekends’) of two days for you to do your catchup. Every day you’ll receive an email with a topic, challenge, idea or lesson of the day that will ask you to investigate, improve or tweak your own blog and ideas.

The e-course is now a year old! Wahoo! It’s been constantly tweaked and improved over that time and I’m super proud of where we are with it.

The start of a New Year is a great time to join an e-course and start 2015 with a blog bang!

I truly believe that every blogger has something great to offer and I want the Blogging Bootcamp to help bring that out in you.

So if you are a blogger looking to improve your presence, maintain consistency, learn new skills or find out how to start taking it pro, then Blogging Bootcamp is for you.

There are more details on the Blogging Bootcamp website here.

You can join at any time and it costs just £35 – so that’s less than the fluffy jumper you were eyeing up in Topshop last week.

Would be great to see some of you there.

Happy Blogging!

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