Car Boot Finds

On Sunday I joined my friends for my first car boot outing since I got back from Southeast Asia. The sun was shining and there was a soft, cool breeze to provide the perfect temperature for trawling the tables laden with junk. Within two minutes of arriving at the car boot sale I found these beautiful plates for £1.50. I think they will be perfect for my infamous cupcakes and brownies.
vintage plates
Feeling smug at my early bird purchases I continued on, traipsing up and down each aisle, perusing the various junk-filled tables. Eventually I found some vinyl that my other half had requested, but I cannot reveal more on that yet as he has not seen his surprise yet.
vintage jug
I had been hoping to feed my vintage tin addiction but it was not to be on this occasion. However I did find this beautiful jug for the grand price of 50p to go alongside my previous jug purchase.
Of course, my purchases are of no immediate use to me as I am effectively homeless at the moment. But I live and dream that I will have a place to call my own in the future. And until then I will continue to collect lovely things to fill my dream home with.


  1. those plates are so very nice, good find! your brownies and cookies will look wonderful on them 🙂

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